Square Enix reveals new Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin details

Square Enix recently released new details on Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin, including new characters, jobs, and more.

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Ahead of the game’s March 2022 release, Square Enix released new details on Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin. The new details on the upcoming action game include the introduction of new bosses, job classes, locations, and an explanation of the game’s equipment upgrade system.


First up, Square Enix revealed two bosses that players will face in the game. Here are the new bosses along with their official description:


The Fiend of Water, Kraken attacks ferociously with long tentacles and rush attacks. It uses abilities that steal buffs, and water-element attacks that make use of the surrounding environment.


The Fiend of Earth. Adept at slinging spells or attacks that inflict status ailments. It’s a tricky opponent that can inflict Curse, which saps the upper limit of the Break Gauge, or summon forth skeletons.


Equipment Upgrades

In the game, players can get equipment of different rarities by opening chests or defeating enemies. Not only do these weapons have unique abilities, they also have different job affinities. Plus, materials can be used to add or upgrade an equipment’s special effect. These upgrade materials can be obtained via completion rewards from missions. Existing equipment can also be dismantled to obtain these materials.


Job System

As the game will have a job system, Square Enix revealed three Job classes: Red Mage, Berserker, and Samurai. Here’s a quick rundown of the Jobs:

Red Mage

Red Mages are versatile magic users who wield both black and white magic, making them equally able to attack and provide support. Use the Red Mage’s unique action, chainspell, to deal massive damage to your enemies whilst simultaneously reducing their elemental resistance.


A job that specialises in direct attacks, using axes and greatswords, the Berserker has access to the berserk ability. While this ability is active, your attack power is greatly increased –but it could be a risky choice, since you lose the ability to use potions.


Samurai is a job that excels at MP recovery. Whilst under the effects of the Samurai’s unique action, meikyo-shisui, normal attacks will replenish a greater amount of MP and parrying will also restore MP. Let loose with your replenished MP and unleash a flurry of blows with combo abilities.



Along with jobs, here are two new locations in Stranger of Paradise revealed by Square Enix, along with their official descriptions:

Sunken Shrine

Could this mysterious light be the lifeforce of the planet that the facility extracts? This high-security facility on the ocean floor is controlled completely by machines, and it’s brimming with water energy.

Cavern of Earth

An underground cavern, thick with earth energy. All kinds of traps obstruct those who would enter. Strewn with the dead, it resembles a vast tomb. What could be slumbering in the very depths of the cavern, far beneath the earth…?


Key Visual + Screenshots

Finally, Square Enix released the game’s key visual, as well as new screnshots:

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin will release on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox one, and PC on March 18, 2022.

Source: Square Enix Press Release