Eureka Seven: Hi-Evolution 3 releases this weekend in Philippine cinemas

Eureka Seven: Hi-Evolution 3, the final film of the trilogy, is set to release this weekend in select cinemas in the Philippines .

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Eureka Seven: Hi-Evolution 3 film will release in the Philippines on Saturday, February 19 – 20, 2022. The third and final film of the Hi-Evolution trilogy was initially planned to release in 2019 but was moved to a 2021 release window, with the delay being caused by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The film is distributed by ODEX Philippines with Japanese audio and English subtitles in select SM cinemas.

The film is set ten years after the event of the second film. The co-existence of humans and Scub Coral is still far from peaceful, with conflict stirring from below, and tension persists from this fragile peace of both worlds with confrontations being both hostile. In retaliation, the military leader of Green Earth Dewey Novak, conducts a terrorist attack on the populace of the virtual world, now called the Blue Earth, to defend themselves. Eureka, now working for the military, is dispatched on a special mission to protect a girl named Iris. With her mission and the world’s safety at hand, Eureka must protect both against all odds.

Eureka Seven: Hi-Evolution 3

Eureka Seven: Hi-Evolution 3 is directed by Kyoda, Tomoki collaborating with Nomura, Yuuichi as the scriptwriter.

The first anime Eureka Seven (Koukyoushihen Eureka Seven) spans over fifty episodes, and it first aired in 2005, telling the story of Renton Thurston and his encounter with the girl Eureka. It was then followed by its sequel Eureka Seven AO. Though the movie is set in an alternative setting from the original series.

Source: Anime News Network via Odex Philippines Facebook page