Hideo Kojima launches new podcast

Hideo Kojima is a legend, an icon, and now, he's launching a new podcast. There's just on catch, though: It's all going to be in Japanese.

Hideo Kojima is a legend, an icon, and now, he’s launching a new podcast. There’s just one catch, though: It’s all going to be in Japanese.

The big daddy of the Metal Gear franchise and creator of Death Stranding is making his foray into audio streaming via Hideo Kojima’s Radioverse on Amazon Audible. This won’t be the first time we talked about Kojima Kantoku and anything involving streaming, as his musical taste is yet another interesting facet of his day-to-day. He’s quite the strange combination of esoteric, yet relatable. Somewhat. We just think he’s really cool. Plus, his taste in movies and music is top-notch (at least in our opinion).

The rough (yet, pretty decent) translation of the podcast reads:

“A program by Hideo Kojima, a game creator who continues to create play, is born on Amazon Audible.

Each time, we welcome a variety of guests to talk about deep topics related to games and movies that cannot be heard anywhere else.”

If you’re a die-hard fan of Hideo Kojima, and have a firm grasp of Nihonggo, then this podcast will definitely be a must-listen. Otherwise, we’ll just have to wait for any YouTubers willing to do some talking head recaps on their channel.