Horizon Forbidden West launch celebration features life-sized Clawstrider statue and more

Horizon Forbidden West just dropped, and its Asia release saw the unveiling of interesting pieces of art, including a Clawstrider statue.

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Horizon Forbidden West just dropped, and its Asia release saw the unveiling of a few interesting pieces of art. These beautiful creations include a life-sized statue in Seoul, South Korea; a few special illustrations, and an intriguing machine papercraft. That’s a pretty sweet way to tie a game launch together.

The Clawstrider statue is located in 1st floor Atrium Square of Lotte World Mall in Seoul, South Korea. The creation of this deadly, yet cool life-size Clawstrider involved a close collaboration with Guerrilla Studios. The statue will be displayed until 2nd March 2022.

The event also features prominent Asia-based illustrators, namely Ravee of Titans (Thailand), Ann Maulina (Indonesia), Lee InHyuk (South Korea), VOFAN (Taiwan), and Little Thunder (Hong Kong). Each have their own rendition of Aloy, and they’re pretty sweet.

If you wish to learn more about them and their unique art styles, you can check them out and download the special Aloy illustrations in various formats.

Lastly, we have a special papercraft design of Horizon Forbidden West’ Clawstrider and Sunwing available for download. No metal involved, just lots of foldable fun. You can download the blueprints if you’re looking to have your very own paper buddies.

We highly suggest trying this out, because you stand to win exclusive Horizon Forbidden West prizes by building your own papercraft and sharing it on social media!

So far, we’re seeing a lot of hype in conjunction with Horizon Forbidden West’s releases, and we’re definitely looking forward to what they have in store for us in the days to come.

Horizon Forbidden West is available on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.