Riot Games launches new logo, opens Philippines office

    Riot is expanding its publishing efforts in Asia Pacific with new offices, including one in the Philippines.


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    Reunite in Seal M

    Riot Games has recently unveiled a new logo and has announced its expansion in Asia Pacific, including a new office in the Philippines.

    Regarding the decision to design a new logo, Riot stated:

    “As Riot enters its second decade, we felt the timing was right to update and expand the Riot Games visual system to set us up for success long-term. The change to the logo was an output of building a more cohesive visual system including the creation of additional unique assets (like typography) that will help players recognize us more easily where we show up. While we made the wordmark a bit more modern, we wanted to retain the original spirit of the fist and make it clear that Riot GAMES remain at our core.”

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    Here’s a comparison of the new Riot logo compared to the previous one:

    Left: New Logo, Right: Old Logo

    Along with the new logo, Riot Games has announced its reorganization and expansion in Asia Pacific (APAC). As part of this expansion, Riot Games is opening new publishing offices in the Philippines, India, Indonesia/Malaysia, and Thailand. At these new offices, Riot also hired Country Managers to help aid in the expanded publishing effort.

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    Speaking of the reorganization, Riot Games, Managing Director for Asia Pacific, Alex Kraynov mentioned, “This is a natural step in progression for our publishing business in Southeast Asia, and Riot recognizes that APAC has the potential to become the biggest region in the world for Riot. This region is intricately diverse, with massive gaming communities that have diverse needs and a strong appetite for mobile gaming.”

    Previously, Riot had run the SEA business out of its Singapore hub office and also had an office in Japan.

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