These Filipino cosplayers absolutely nailed their Arcane cosplays

A group of Filipino cosplayers recently released an impressive Arcane cosplay photoshoot, with cosplays of the series' main cast.

Arcane is easily one of our favorite shows from last year thanks to its memorable story, great characters, and impressive animation. If you’re also a big Arcane fan like we are, here’s a treat for you!

Recently, a group of Filipino cosplayers, costume creators, crafters, photographers, and artists teamed up to recreate scenes from the hit League of Legends shows. And yes, they absolutely nailed this Arcane cosplay shoot!

Check them out here:

Artist & cosplayer Ju Garcia as Piltover’s finest peacekeeper Caitlyn.


Tech tuber, music producer & cosplayer Cholo Tolentino as the brilliant inventor Viktor


Professional cosplayer, dancer & artist Zackt as the sinister main antagonist Silco.


Theatre actress, writer & cosplayer Nicola Ber Reyes as the hotheaded fighter Vi


Professional cosplayer & beauty enthusiast Roxanne Kho as the manic loose cannon Jinx

This passionate team of creators, thanks to their loove for Arcane, started preparations for
the cosplay photoshoot since November 2021 after the show premiered on Netflix. The team not only tapped members of the Filipino community for screen-accurate costumes and props, they also learned how to transform their looks to fit the Arcane cast.

The cosplay shoot is set in Zeppelin Lounge, with photography by talented photographers, Erving Go and Kira Hokuten.

Check out more of these awesome Arcane cosplay photos from these Filipino cosplayers here: