Tokyo eyewear store releases Trigun-inspired sunglasses

Finally, something for the 90s kids. Tokyo eyewear store eyemirror recently revealed sunglasses based on Vash the Stampede from Trigun.

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Finally, something for the 90s kids who are now very much adultier adults. We feel you, and so did the fashionable and fresh Tokyo eyewear store eyemirror with their recent Vash the Stampede sunglasses, straight out of Trigun!

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This spectacle specialty shop is well-known for their Shitsuji Megane (Butler Glasses) shop located in Ikebukoro where their staff are all decked on in butler outfits. More recently, they set up shop in Akihabara with Animegane–which pretty much explains itself.

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Since then, Eyemirror has released numerous anime-inspired eyeglasses with their recent collaboration being with the 90s gunslinger series, Trigun. What makes this all the more special is the direct involvement and personal supervision of series creator Yasuhiro Nightow. He made sure that the featured sunglasses would highlight all the details and characteristics of Vash’s sunglasses. This includes the rippled frame and yellow-tinted lenses which could be replaced with a prescription pair upon request.

No gun, though. This is Japan, after all.

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Vash’s sunglasses cost 13,200 yen (114.40 USD) and come with a specially designed case and lens cleaning cloth. You can be purchase these Trigun sunglasses via eyemirror’s online store