Vivo V23 5G Photography Test: A Promising Set of Shooters

Recently, we got to try out the new Vivo V23 5G which launched recently in the Philippines, and its cameras did not disappoint.

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Recently, we got to try out the new Vivo V23 5G which launched recently in the Philippines. While we’re still putting the phone through its paces for our full review, we were able to try out the phone’s cameras, and the results are not disappointing!

Similar to other midrange smartphones, the Vivo V23 5G features a multi-camera setup at the back. Specifically, the phone packs a 64 MP f/1.9 wide camera, an 8MP f/2.2 ultrawide shooter, and 2MP f/2.4 macro. Though at the front, the V23 5G is quite interesting as it packs a dual selfie shooter setup consisting of a 50MP f/2.0 wide and an 8MP f/2.3 ultrawide.

While the inclusion of two cameras at the front does mean the phone has a more iPhone-style notch, the notch itself is still small enough to make it unintrusive.

But before we get into the selfie shooter setup, let’s take a look first at how the main camera setup works, focusing on the 64MP main camera and the ultrawide.

As expected, the V23 5G’s 64MP main camera works great for daytime shots. When there’s a lot of light and you’re outside, you’ll get high quality images with great color and lots of detail. Even when the sun is going down, you’ll still get good results.

Moving on to indoors, the 64MP camera is also able to take great photos with accurate colors and a good amount of detail. For reference, the indoor images above were taken in a room that’s not the most well-lit, so the results are quite good.

At night, the Vivo V23 5G also does not disappoint. For reference, the images above were taken with the phone’s Night Mode.

As you can see, the low light images above have great colors and retain a ton of detail, all without getting blurry or having too much noise. While the phone’s auto mode also takes decent photos, using the Night Mode is highly recommended.¬†Another great thing about the phone’s Night Mode is that the camera app itself shows you how long an image will take to capture.

In case you’re unfamiliar, Night Mode is able to take photos by capturing multiple shots over a couple of seconds, meaning you’ll need to keep your hands still to get the best photo. As the V23 5G shows you how long a Night Mode shot will take, you’ll have an idea of how long you need to keep the phone stable. So if you’re capturing a moving subject at night, you may want to use Auto Mode for a faster snapshot.

Moving on to the ultrawide, the V23 5G takes wide-angle shots that are of great quality in daytime. In fact, if you view it from a normal distance, the quality is not far off from the main camera.

At night, there is a dip in quality, but the Night Mode helps out a lot in making low light photos usable. As you can see in the sample photos above, the ultrawide can still produce nice photos in low light conditions. Though do take note that the phone generally needs a bit longer to capture and process low light shots through Night Mode.

Now we move on to selfies. With the 50MP main selfie camera, the V23 5G is able to take quality photos indoors and outdoors. I even tried snapping a selfie with harsh lighting behind me, and the 50MP camera still produced a clear shot. On top of this, you can even take selfies in extremely dim conditions while retaining good quality (as seen in the third pic).

To go along with the main selfie camera, the front of the V23 5G also has an 8MP ultrawide camera. This addition is definitely a welcome one as it enables users to capture more in selfies; helpful for group selfies as you can easily fit more people in the frame without the need for a monopod. Another great thing about it is that you can take selfies with a bigger backdrop which is nice for vacations when you want to take a selfie while showing off your surroundings.

In our quick photography test, the V23 5G did not disappoint! Thanks to its quality rear camera setup and dual selfie shooters, the V23 5G is a great phone for photography that’s more versatile than other mid-rangers (thanks in large part to the ultrawide selfie shooter).

While the phone has great cameras, we’re still going to test out the phone’s performance, battery life, and more before we can give our final verdict on it. So watch out for our full review soon.