Elden Ring Voice Actors: The Complete List

Here is a complete list of Elden Ring voice actors, from the main NPCs to the voices behind mobs and summoned spirits.

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Elden Ring may not have typical video game storytelling, but it does still have lots of unique characters which are brought to life by talented voice actors. These characters often have quests, and they sometimes drop interesting nuggets of lore and story exposition in their dialogue.

If you’re a Dark Souls veteran, some of the NPCs in Elden Ring may sound familiar. This is because some Elden Ring characters are voiced by actors who also played roles in previous FromSoftware games. For example, Melina shares the same voice actor as Company Captain Yorshka from Dark Souls 3. There’s also Margitt and Morgott who share the same actor as Yurt, the Silent Chief from the Demon’s Souls remake. The voice actor of Irina and Hyetta in Elden Ring also voiced Maiden Astraea from Demon’s Souls.

While not a from a Souls game, Elden Ring NPC Nepheli Loux shares the same voice actor as Tracer in Overwatch.

Now, here is the complete list of Elden Ring voice actors (take note, there are voice actors here that are listed multiple times as some of them voiced more than one character):

Melina- Martha Mackintosh

Margit/Morgott – Anthony Howell

Mohg – Con O’Neill

Godrick- Ramon Tikaram

Malenia – Pippa Bennett Warnter

Radahn – Pip Torrens

Rykard – Simon Gregor

Ranni – Aimee-Ffion Edwards

Rennala – Mali Harries

Juvenile Scholars – Ava Otten, Nerys Amber Stocks, Oliver Berry

Fire Giant – Shaun Dooley

Gurranq & Maliketh – Jonathan Keeble

Godfrey/Hoarah Loux – Edward Rowe

Gideon Ofnir – Joe McGann

Nepheli Loux – Cara Theobold

Goldmask – Ryan Morris

Corhyn – Samuel Barnett

Fia – Chiara Goldsmith

Rogier – Ben Norris

D – Huw Parmenter

Dung Eater – Jim Johnson

Thug – Dean Fagan

Finger Reader Edia – Souad Faress

Hewg – James Doherty

Roderika – Helen Monks

Blaidd – Scott Arthur

Iji – Aneirin Hughes

Seluvis – Charles Dale

Tanith – Gemma Whelan

Rya – Ellie Heydon

Bernahl¬† – Fergus O’Donnell

Diallos – Peter Caulfield

Patches the Untethered – William Vanderpuye

Varre – Pip Torrens

Yura/Shabriri – Shaun Dooley

Millicent – Allegra Marland

Gowry – Stephen Boxer

Latenna – Jennifer English

Albus – Martyn Ellis

Irina/Hyetta – Clare Corbett

Edgar – Richard Hainsworth

Sellen – Kezia Burrows

Thops – Matt Morgan

Jerren – Shane Attwooll

Alexander – Kevin Howarth

Kenneth Haight – William Gaminara

Gostoc – Ben Fox

Boc – Calvin A. Dean

Miriel – Matthew Marsh

Aureliette – Clare Corbett

Volcano Manor Apparition – Grahame Fox

Kale – Nabil Elouahabi

Nomadic Merchants – Grahame Fox, Matt Morgan, Joe McGann, Scott Arthur, Calvin A. Dean

Imprisoned Merchant – Joe McGann

Abandoned Merchant – James Doherty

Isolated Merchant – Matthew Marsh

Hermit Merchant – Jonathan Keeble

Old Women/Wet Nurse – Mia Soteriou

Narrator – Jimmy Livingstone

Protagonists, Type A – Ben Norris, Jack Meyers, Andrew Williams, Ben Fox, Wayne Forester, Gary Martin

Protagonists, Type B – Naomi McDonald, Clare Corbet, Kezia Burrows, Lorraine Bruce, Alison Dowling, Rachel Atkins

Grafted Scion – Anthony Howell

Veteran Generals – Matt Morgan, Joe McGann

Godskin Apostles – Ben Norris

Godskin Nobles – Wayne Forester

Wandering Nobles – Ben Fox

Kaiden Sellswords – Shaun Dooley

Pumpkin Head Berserkers – Ramon Tikaram

Trolls – Edward Rowe, Laurie Brett

Miners – Simon Gregor

Ancient Albinaurics – Jimmy Livingstone, Kevin Howarth

Wormfaces – Kevin Howarth, Laurie Brett

Dominula Dancers – Mali Harries, Nia Roberts

Ancestral Follower Shamans – Hannah McCarthy

Elden Ring is available now on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox one, and PC.

Source: Elden Ring credits, Behind The Voice Actors