NIJISANJI EN auditions launches for both Male and Female talents

New NIJISANJI EN auditions launched, and it welcomes both Male and Female applicants to try out to be part of their Vtubing agency.

NIJISANJI EN auditions are now open for both male and female aspiring English-speaking Vtubers. Everyone is welcome to try the audition as long as applicants are 18 years old or above and can stream consistently for a year. They must also be able to deliver content at least three times a week.

Along with those basic requirements, NIJISANJI also requires applicants to submit a video or audio URL/file introducing themselves “in-character” (no Live2d required). The fourth wave of NIJISANJI EN auditions is open for all gender and is open till March 31, 2022, 23:59 JST / 07:59 PDT / 22:59 PHT.

For detailed instructions on how to submit your applications check out NIJISANJI’s official website

In case you’re familiar, Nijisanji is one of the biggest Vtuber agencies managed by ANYCOLOR Inc. in Japan. The agency started its operation in February 2018 and has 209 members across its five branches, including Japan, Indonesia, India, South Korea, and China (known as VirtualReal). NIJISANJI EN debuted its fifth group called Noctyx in February, their second all-male group following Luxiem.