5 Ways LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga is Rebuilding the LEGO Games

With LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, Traverller's Tales are recreating all nine of the mainline Star Wars films into one massive package.

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It’s been fifteen years since the last time we’ve had the entirety of the mainline Star Wars films adapted with the goofy charm of the LEGO games, and now, Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga is is here!

With The Skywalker Saga, TT Games are recreating all nine of the mainline Star Wars films into one massive package.

This is not just a simple remaster of the previously released LEGO Star Wars games. LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga is a complete rebuild from the ground up that aims to shake up the LEGO formula that might have turned stagnant for long-time fans.

We’re very excited to jump back into the blocky galaxy that’s far, far away and here are five reasons why you should be too.

Content, content, and content

The Skywalker Saga features every mainline episode of the iconic film franchise. Each episode will have five missions making for a total of forty-five levels for the entire game. That’s forty-five times iconic locations, moments, and characters will be recreated in all of its LEGO glory.

Each locations will have enough hidden collectibles for the player to find. These can range from the usual LEGO studs to Kyber bricks that give upgrades to each specific character class — a new feature for the franchise.

If that isn’t enough, the game features a whopping number of three hundred playable characters with more confirmed to be added later on. You have a favorite character in the Star Wars universe? Chances are, they’re available for you to mess around with.

The Skywalker Saga is a Star Wars fan’s playground to lose themselves in.

The lighter side of the force

The fun and wacky humour has always been a staple of the LEGO games in which Star Wars has always lent itself well into. The ridiculous charm the LEGO games have will always be a highlight of every experience, add in one of the most iconic brands in pop culture and the force is definitely with this one.

For the Skywalker Saga, TT Games is looking to step up their comedic talents for a fresh new take on the formula.

The game will feature both a fully-voiced campaign experience while also giving fans of the original games an option to turn on a “mumble mode”. If anything, this just gives us more reason to replay each mode to see the difference between the two.

Additionally, this will also be the first time that we’ll be seeing episodes eight and nine adapted into the LEGO formula. Divisive as they may be for the fans of the film franchise, you can’t tell us that you’re not excited to see how refrigerator body Kylo Ren is in LEGO form.

Rebuilt gameplay

Combat has received significant changes. The biggest of which is a closer camera angle compared to the often times zoomed-out version of previous LEGO games. This will allow the player to have a much better look into the action and stunning details.

If there’s one word to describe The Skywalker Saga, it would be spectacle. An all-new combo system will be introduced that will surely keep LEGO pieces flying everywhere on screen at all times. The higher the combo, the more LEGO studs will be rewarded.

Lightsaber combat will now be more than just spamming one button and the new over-the-shoulder perspective for ranged combat will allow for more accurate shots.

Add in an all new look as each LEGO piece used in the character models and environments are all lovingly recreated with impressive graphical fidelity. When you see LEGO pieces be affected by dirt, sand, and snow particles during gameplay, it elevates the experience that the player really is playing with LEGO pieces that are in the environments themselves.

You can almost hear our frustrations as the Millenial Falcon is blasted into pieces as we remember that one day we spent all afternoon trying to build it.

Your experience, your choice

If you were worried about having to play through specific episodes to get to your favorite one, you can rest easy knowing that The Skywalker Saga will allow you to play whatever, whenever. In this game, you can start from Episode 1, 4, or 7, so you can experience whichever trilogy you want to kick off the game.

This level of freedom extends further to the missions themselves. Levels will feature a number of options for the player to decide. Alternate routes, strategies, puzzle solving, and hidden areas all hinges on what you want it to be like.

All of this can be experience with a buddy using the local co-op feature. If pushing off your friend to the fiery pits of Mustafar isn’t funny enough, we don’t know what is.

Galactic gathering

The Skywalker Saga will feature a variety of hub worlds that are bigger and better than ever. You can go to any off these at anytime in between the linear campaign levels.

Each one will have different activities, secrets, and unlockables to discover and play around with.

If for some reason, you wanted to see Master Yoda breakdance to iconic Star Wars tunes, the hubs are the place for you.

LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga is shaping up to be the ultimate Star Wars experience for both long-time fans and new ones from the latest trilogy. It has something for everyone. A wide variety of levels, player freedom, fun tone, and incredible visuals all within the Star Wars universe we know and love.

LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga is out now on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, andother platforms.

This article was written in partnership with Warner Bros. Games.