Gundam Unicorn limited edition wireless earbuds revealed

Chinese brand, Elephant Trunk Technologies revealed a pair of Gundam Unicorn limited edition Bluetooth wireless earphones.

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Chinese brand, Elephant Trunk Technologies took a dip into that Gundam Unicorn drip and came up with a pair of sweet, limited edition Bluetooth wireless earbuds.

These specially designed buds have that sleek mech design and sit snugly inside a replica of Gundam Unicorn’s rugged, red and white shoulder armor–kind of like George de Sand’s Rose Bit system, and a missed opportunity for “Bits by Dre.” But, I digress.

The shoulder armor doubles as charging compartment with USB type-C compatibility, and has special red and green lighting effects. Earbuds with their own NT-D system that glows green when fully “awakened” is a pretty nice touch.


Lastly, everything is packed in a special Laplace’s Box, essentially giving you the next best thing to an actual Universal Century experience. Great stuff.

Here are the earphones’ specs:
Bluetooth Version: 5.0
Audio decoding: SBC AAC
Bluetooth range: 10 meters
Music time: 26 hours
Charging time: 1.5 hours
Standby time: 50 hours
Response range: 20Hz – 20kHz
Voltage: 3.7 v
Battery capacity: earphones 50 mAh, charging device 400 mAh

The Unicorn Gundam wireless earbuds are available at T-Mall’s official site, and go for 899 Chinese Yuan or 137 USD as of writing. They also offer international shipping for anyone looking to score these cans.

Source: Gundam Kits Collection