Scarlet Nexus developers share their experience in creating the Tales of Arise collab

Scarlet Nexus producer Keita Iizuka and director Kenji Anakbuki shared with us their experience in creating the Tales of Arise collab.

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A few weeks ago, Bandai Namco released the Scarlet Nexus x Tales of Arise collab, and it featured in-game items for each game that are based on the other.

Specifically, Scarlet Nexus players received the Blazing Sword, a Broken Iron Mask, an Owlet Doll, and the BGM: Flame of Hope. Meanwhile, Tales of Arise players got a Myoho Muramasa Replica, a Handmade Hairclip Replica, a Baki cosmetic, and the BGM: Opposed Viewpoint.

Recently, we go the opportunity to ask a couple of questions to Scarlet Nexus producer Keita Iizuka and director Kenji Anakbuki regarding their experience in creating the Tales of Arise collab.

Firstly, we asked about how the teams approached creating these collab items for their game.

“Both games are very ambitious JRPGs by Bandai Namco, especially with SCARLET NEXUS being a completely new IP,” said Izuka. “I wouldn’t call it special treatment, but it is definitely easier to coordinate and communicate more closely with our colleagues internally, in order to provide what’s best for our customers.”

When the collab was initially teased, we had hoped to get some new skits involving both games considering how big they are for both games. And while there were no skits that were part of the collab, Izuka did mention that they are hoping for more collaboration opportunities.

“Currently, there are no skit-related collaboration for both titles planned for the future, but we hope to explore more opportunities on collaborations, especially as both titles are JRPGs published and developed by Bandai Namco,” said Izuka.

Right now, there are no concrete plans for a next collab, but it’s possible that more updates may be released for Scarlet Nexus to further improve the game.

“I can only represent SCARLET NEXUS and I can’t say much about what’s to come in the future, but since the game’s release, we have launched multiple exciting free updates,” said Anabuki. “This included features that have been long requested by the community, including QOL updates and additional functions such as the Photo Mode.”

“We hope we could provide the best experiences for both new and existing players as much as possible,” followed Anabuki. “Please leave your constructive criticisms on social media so that we could pick them up and see if we could do something about them!”

Scarlet Nexus and Tales of Arise are available now on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC.