Sci-fi action RPG ‘Dolmen’ releases in Southeast Asia on May 20

    Dolmen is now available for pre-order in Southeast Asia.


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    Epicsoft Asia has announced that Dolmen, the upcoming Sci-fi action RPG, will release in the Philippines and in other Southeast Asian countries on May 20, 2022.

    The game is now available for pre-order in SEA on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC.

    The Standard Retail Price for the Dolmen physical version in Southeast Asia is as follows:

    IndonesiaIDR 589,000
    MalaysiaMYR 179.00
    PhilippinesPHP 2,195
    SingaporeSGD 56.90
    ThailandTHB 1,399
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    The game’s Day One edition features a range of unique items for players, including the Rebel Set which contains a full set of armor, sword, and axe.

    In case you’re unfamiliar with the game, Dolmen is a new sci-fi action RPG with cosmic horror elements.

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    The game’s premise is described as:

    “Set in a sci-fi universe, where humanity has colonised several star systems using space travel technology and genetic manipulation to adapt to the conditions; Dolmen has players battling across a distant planet – Revion Prime – trying to unravel a mystery of alien species, corrupt corporations and unknown dimensions.

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    Behind everything appears to be an alien species called Vahani, who roam the universe altering the genetic makeup of other species; however it remains to be seen if their motives are noble or more malevolent. 

    It’s suspected that a crystal called Dolmen is the key to their work; Revion Prime has an abundance of Dolmen and you need to unravel its secrets.”

    Dolmen will release in the Philippines and in the rest of SEA on May 20, 2022. For the full list of where to pre-order the physical edition of Dolmen, click here.

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