SEGA Etrian Odyssey
SEGA Etrian Odyssey

    SINoALICE x Kakegurui xx collab is now live

    This new SINoALICE collab brings the cast of Kakegurui to the game!


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    Reunite in Seal M

    Pokelabo has announced that the SINoALICE x Kakegurui xx collab is live now, and it features characters from Kakegurui in a new original scenario with Little Match Girl.

    This event features the “Fairytale Gamblers” event which has an original story. This event transports Little Match Girl to Hyakkaou Private Academy in Kakegurui.

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    Another one of the main highlights of this new collab is that players can get Yumeko Jabami/Breaker as a gift by logging in during the collaboration period.

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    Players can also get a chance to summon other Kakegurui characters in the game via the STEP Grimoire: Wager on the Tank. These characters include Sayaka Igarashi/PaladinKirari Momobami/SorcererMary Saotome/Crusher, and Little Match Girl/Hyakkaou Private Academy.

    Sayaka Igarashi/Paladin – Unlocks with SR weapon “Sayaka’s Spear” (polearm).
    Kirari Momobami/Sorcerer – Unlocks with SR weapon “Kirari’s Book” (tome).
    Mary Saotome/Crusher – Unlocks with SR weapon “Mary’s Mallet” (heavy).
    Little Match Girl/Hyakkaou Private Academy – Unlocks with SR weapon “Hellfire’s Wagering Strings” (instrument).

    There’s also another character that players can unlock — Midari Ikishima/Gunner. She is available as a bonus after purchasing the twilight crystal set.

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    Finally, during the collab, purification nightmares from the world of the collaboration will appear. Players can earn twilight crystals, stamps, and other rewards based on the total defeated.

    The SINoALICE x Kakegurui event is live now until May 10, 2022 at 5:59 UTC (13:59 PHT).

    For more info on the collab, visit the official SINoALICE website.

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