343 Industries teases the possible release of classic Halo maps for Halo Infinite

There's a new rumor that 343 Industries might incorporate some classic Halo maps into Halo Infinite sometime soon.

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While the Halo Infinite launch didn’t exactly come with the amount of fanfare we expected in spite of critical praise, a bit of good, yet cryptic news is currently abuzz as classic Halo maps are reportedly coming to the game.

Specifically, there’s a certain rumor that 343 Industries might actually incorporate some classic Halo maps into Halo Infinite. That’s according to someone high up in the development team. 

Infinite’s current head of creative Joseph Staten, recently participated in the Kinda Funny Xcast where he discussed a lot of things Halo. When asked about the lack of content in Halo’s current iterations, he had some interesting things to say at the 21:40 mark.

“There are some great Halo maps. I think we all have our personal favorite”, he says. “I think it would be awesome to play on these maps again, don’t you guys? I mean, that sounds like a lot of fun.” He then jokingly marks it down on his notebook.

While this may have been said in jest, one can’t deny that it truly is a good idea–and based on Joseph Staten’s response, he can’t deny it either. Given the new mechanics and updated graphics, it would be a totally new experience wrapped in a nice little nostalgia trip.

This, of course, could all end in this brief interview, and Halo will simply proceed as is, status quo. But based on how Staten explained things, elaborating on how bringing back older, classic content isn’t necessary a novelty concept, we might just see Blood Gulch and Hang ‘Em High in 4K soon. Who knows?

Halo Infinite is currently free to play on Xbox and on PC via Steam.