Elden Ring players reveal their favorite bosses, NPCs, and more in new survey

A recent survey by Famitsu of Elden Ring players in Japan revealed lots of interesting info, including favorite bosses, weapons, and more.

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A recent survey by Famitsu of Elden Ring players in Japan revealed lots of interesting info, including their favorite bosses, weapons, and more!

While this survey only featured 1,700 Japanese respondents, the results were still interesting as they give us an idea of what fans in the country loved most about FromSoftware’s latest game. And based on what we’ve seen, the results do also add up to what’s popularly discussed in English language forums.

Favorite Weapon Types

  1. Katanas
  2. Greatswords
  3. Medium shields
  4. Staves
  5. Curved swords

First up are the favorite weapon types. As expected, Katanas are on top, which is no surprise given that some of the game’s most powerful weapons are katanas (looking at you Moonveil and Rivers of Blood).

Greatswords also proved popular, which makes sense given that there are lots of powerful Greatswords in the game for players who want something heavier and power powerful.

Favorite Spirit Ashes

  1. Mimic Tear Ashes
  2. Black Knife Tiche
  3. Spirit Jellyfish Ashes
  4. Latenna the Albinauric
  5. Lone Wolf Ashes

Another unsurprising result is the Mimic Tear Ashes being the most popular Spirit Ash. After all, having another you to summon is an incredibly powerful tool, especially for late game bosses.

Black Knife Tiche and Latenna the Albinauric are also popular picks as they are also powerful, even for late game foes. As for the Spirit Jellyfish and Lone Wolf ashes, these are pretty much the early game MVP summons.

Favorite Ashes of War

  1. Bloodhound Step
  2. Transient Moonlight
  3. Parry
  4. Rivers of Blood
  5. Hoarfrost Stomp

If you’ve played Elden Ring PvP, you probably wouldn’t be surprised by the inclusion of Bloodhound Step, Transient Moonlight, and Rivers of Blood as the favorite Ashes of War. These are pretty much ubiquitous in duels and invasions.

Meanwhile, Hoarfrost Stomp, even if it was nerfed, continues to be a popular choice for players thanks to its great PvE usability.

Favorite Sorceries/Incantations

  1. Comet Azur
  2. Golden Vow
  3. Adula’s Moonblade
  4. Rock Sling
  5. Flame, Cleanse Me

Comet Azur is one of the game’s most powerful spells (and one of the flashiest as well), so no surprise it took the top spot. Adula’s Moonblade and Rock Sling meanwhile, are powerful sorceries as well. As for Golden Vow and Flame, Cleanse Me, these are popular likely because of how useful the buffs are. Especially for Flame, Cleanse Me as it is incredibly useful for Scarlet Rot.

Favorite NPCs

  1. Ranni the Witch
  2. Iron Fist Alexander
  3. Blaidd
  4. Millicent
  5. Melina

Even without looking at the survey, you probably already know that Ranni is the most popular NPC in Elden Ring. Following her are Alexander, Blaidd, Millicent, and Malenia.

Sadly, the EVER BRILLIANT GOLDMASK did not even crack the Top 15 in the survey, likely owing to how hard he is to find without a guide. If he were a bit easier to find, we believe that he’ll probably be at least in the Top 10 due to his memorable questline which is tied to its own ending.

Favorite Bosses

  1. Starscourge Radahn
  2. Malenia, Blade of Miquella
  3. Margit, the Full Omen
  4. Tree Sentinel
  5. Maliketh, the Black Blade

And now for bosses. It is not shocking to see that Starscourge Radahn is the most popular boss based on the survey. Following right behind is Malenia — arguably Elden Ring’s hardest boss.

Also in the top 5 are Margit and the Tree Sentinel, two of the earliest bosses that you can face. Early into the game, these two bosses are tough as nails, so it makes sense that they’re part of the bosses that made the strongest impression on Elden Ring players.

Aside from these interesting survey findings, there’s more questions that were asked to Japanese Elden Ring fans by Famitsu. Read more about the full survey results here.

Source: Famitsu via Frontline Gaming Japan