Figma ‘Cliff Unger’ from Death Stranding revealed by Hideo Kojima

Mads Mikkelsen fans are screaming right now.

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Looks like there’s not much rest for your wallets if you are a Death Stranding fan. For those who pre-ordered and got the Sam Bridges Figma, chances are you will be saving up for this Cliff figure that was recently posted by video game genius Hideo Kojima himself over at Twitter:


Photos courtesy of Hideo Kojima’s Twitter page:

Though the figure was teased before, they only showed some production and prototype images and not an on-hands item like the one Kojima has right now. The figure is, of course not its final version, but from the looks of it this could really pass as one. Just look at the paint detail! Hopefully the retail figure cranks it up a notch further in quality.

No pre-order window and expected release date yet, which I guess is good news since you will have more time to save up for this Figma.

I’m hearing Mads Mikkelsen fans screaming at my ear in excitement right now.


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