Here’s all you need to know about VCT Challengers APAC Stage 2

    Get ready for more Valorant esports action soon.


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    Following the end of Stage 1 last March, Riot Games has announced details about VCT Challengers APAC Stage 2.

    For the second stage, 8 of the top teams in each country/region will compete through May to get their spot at the Stage 2 Playoffs this June. Of the 8 teams per region, four have been directly invited while the next four have qualified through Open Qualifier events in April.

    Here are all the qualified teams for Stage 2:

    • Philippines 
      • Direct Invites: NAOS Esports, South Built Esports, Action PH, Oasis Gaming
      • Open Qualifier: Bren Esports, RRQ, Team Secret, Alpha Esports Pro
    • Thailand
      • Direct Invites: XERXIA, MiTH, Fullsense, NKT
      • Open Qualifier: Purple Mood Esport, X10 CRIT, FW ESPORTS, Sharper Esport
    • Indonesia 
      • Direct Invites: BOOM ESPORTS, Persija Esports, ONIC G, Alter Ego Esports
      • Open Qualifier: Bigetron Arctic, Dewa United, ARF TEAM (former name: Babi Guling), Hike Digital
    • Vietnam 
      • Direct Invites: Cerberus Esports, Fancy United Esports, Big BAAM, Unbeaten Esports
      • Open Qualifier: Ronin, Victory, Nghiện Thêm Lần Nữa, Brave Wolves
    • Singapore/Malaysia 
      • Direct Invites: Paper Rex, Bleed Esports, Laze (former name: Huat Zai), Galaxy Esports
      • Open Qualifier: OGB, Todak, KPMOONIIBLM9, Blitz Esports
    • Taiwan/Hong Kong 
      • Direct Invites: Oblivion Force, Griffin Esports, IVAN (former name: I Need Money), K7 Esports (former name: LP33)
      • Open Qualifier: Ghetto Artist, Only One Word, Giant Submarine, Traitors
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    The VCT Challengers APAC Stage 2 format is divided into two stages. Firstly, the 8 teams in each region will go through single round robin matches where two teams will be eliminated.

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    After this, the 6 remaining teams will face off in a series of double elimination brackets. The top teams by the end of this stage will guarantee their spot in the Playoffs this June.

    Each country/region has the following Playoffs spots:

    • Thailand – 3
    • Philippines –  3
    • Indonesia – 3
    • Vietnam – 3
    • Singapore/Malaysia – 3
    • Taiwan/Hong Kong – 2
    • South Asia – 2
    • Oceania – 1
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    Finally, the VCT Philippines Stage 2 matches will be streamed live via the following channels:

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