SEGA Etrian Odyssey
SEGA Etrian Odyssey

    Mobile Legends player buys a house from hard-earned winnings

    Who says esports is a dead end?


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    Reunite in Seal M
    Mobile Legends player Edward “EDWARD” Jay Dapadap from Blacklist International is living the millennial adult dream right now – with a new house in the works. Yes indeed, he’s having his new home built, all with his hard-earned, and well-deserved winnings from MPL Philippines and the M3 World Championship.

    What we’re looking at right now is a two-storey house in the making for this pro Mobile Legends player. According to Edward, “Nothing beats the happiness of seeing your dreams slowly coming true through your hard work. This is the fruit of playing Mobile Legends: Bang Bang at the age of 17.”
    Edward is one of the youngest MPL-Philippines players from Blacklist International, an esports organisation that not only copped back-to-back MPL PH league champions, but also the coveted M3 World Championship title.
    In its current state, MPL-Philippines is a franchise league that provides teams, players, and talents greater financial stability through its revenue sharing model that provides a minimum salary and weekly subsidiaries.
    This essentially paves the way for more people who’d consider esports as a profession–both to live the dream, and silence those who’d belittle said dream.
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    Carlos Franco
    Carlos Franco
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