OMRON Launches ‘G9KB’ Relay for High Capacity Electricity Storage Systems

OMRON Corporation has announced the new high voltage DC relay "G9KB" for high-capacity household electricity storage systems globally.

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OMRON Corporation has announced the release of a new high voltage DC relay “G9KB” for high-capacity household electricity storage systems globally.

OMRON aims to contribute to the realization of a decarbonized society by expanding product line-ups, including G9KB, with low power consumption for energy-saving equipment. G9KB safely cuts off the direct current in household storage systems that have been increasing in capacity. It also plays a role in encouraging renewable energy by downsizing products.

Recently, there has been a growing need for electricity storage systems for the realization of carbon neutrality and for the enforcement of resilience in natural disasters. Therefore, the capacity of household storage batteries, which aimed for the domestic consumption of the electric power generated by the solar power generation system, has been increasing. To achieve high capacity, the challenge is to secure the safety of products and downsize parts.

OMRON has been working on developing a technology that connects and switches electricity safely and securely and this high voltage DC relay “G9KB comes equipped with the same. By adopting the arc cut-off technology and the new 3D arc simulation technology created by industry-academia collaboration, the relay handles the charging of electricity storage system, switching control and safe cut-off of the direct current which runs during discharging. In the 3D arc simulation technology, OMRON has established a method to analyze the safe cut-off process of the high voltage DC and to reflect the analysis result to the component structure design. With these technologies, the compact high voltage DC relay which securely and safely cuts off DC is realized and it also ends up contributing to the downsizing and weight reduction of the customer’s products.

For more info on the G9KB, visit the official OMRON website.