PlayStation Plus: How to upgrade to Extra or Deluxe in Asia

Sony has just launched the revamped PlayStation Plus in Asia, and here's a quick guide on how to upgrade to PS Plus Extra or Deluxe.

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Sony has just launched the revamped PlayStation Plus in Asia, and here’s a quick guide on how to upgrade to PS Plus Extra or Deluxe if your PlayStation Plus account is set to Singapore or a Hong Kong (the two common region choices for PlayStation players in the Philippines).

What you need to know

In case you missed its reveal, the new PlayStation Plus now has three tiers: Essential, Extra, and Deluxe. Essential replaces the previous PS Plus, and it shares mostly the same freebies and inclusions. Meanwhile, Extra gives subscribers an additional catalog of playable PS5 and PS4 games. Finally, Deluxe adds a catalog of PS1, PS2, and PSP games, as well as time-limited game trials.

If you have an existing PlayStation Plus subscription, you will automatically get access to PS Plus Essential for the remaining days of your subscription. Though if you want to upgrade, you can easily do so by accessing the PlayStation Store and paying a one-time upgrade fee to Extra or Deluxe.

This one-time fee will last until the end of your subscription. For example, if you still have 3 months left in your PS Plus subscription and you upgrade, you will get Extra or Deluxe for the remaining 3 months. As for the payment, PlayStation automatically calculates how much you will need to pay. This is the case for PlayStation Plus subscription in Asia.

To upgrade, you have three options: Upgrading via your PlayStation console, the PlayStation website, or the PS App.

Option 1 – Upgrade through your PlayStation console

To upgrade on your console, go the PlayStation Plus tab and select upgrade. There, you will see the options to upgrade to Deluxe or Extra, as well as how much they cost and how many days you will get upon your upgrade.

After selecting which plan you want to upgrade to, you will be sent to the checkout page. If you’re in the Philippines, you can pay for the upgrade using PlayStation Wallet credits (which you can purchase in online stores/brick-and-mortar video game stores), or by using a Philippine credit card if you’re on a Singapore or a Hong Kong account.

To pay using your credit card, you can follow our guide here.

Option 2 – Upgrade through the PlayStation Website

If you don’t have access to your PlayStation console, you can also upgrade to PlayStation Plus Deluxe or Extra in Asia through a web browser. To start, go to the PlayStation website, log in, and go to “Subscriptions Management” on the top right menu.

There, you will be able to see your existing subscription. To upgrade, simply select “Change” which will lead you to the upgrade tab.

From here, simply select the Plan that you prefer and proceed to the checkout page. Checkout via the website is similar to the PlayStation Store in the console as you can pay with both Wallet Credits and/or a Credit Card.

Option 3 – Upgrade through the PlayStation App

Aside from a web browser, you can also upgrade through your PlayStation app. To start, go to the PS Store page on the app and click the hamburger icon on the top right. From there, select “Subscriptions Management.” You should then see a subscriptions tab where you can select “Change” to upgrade.

Once here, the process is the same as upgrading through the PlayStation website.

Now, if you don’t have an existing PS Plus subscription, you should be able to get a subscription by following the similar steps above.

For more info on the revamped PS Plus, visit Sony’s official guide.