Capcom will release a multipurpose ‘Monster Hunter’ meat pillow in November

Poor Aptonoths.

ONE Store Beta Now Available

Capcom’s online store just added another piece of merch to the catalogue that could please Monster Hunter collectors and cosplayers who can use this item as a prop, as well as other things like, you know, sleeping.

Take a look at this multipurpose meat pillow (photo courtesy of which is available in both the “raw meat” and “well-done steak” version that is similar to what you can find in the game.



Now this made me wonder, how many Aptonoth’s were used to make these?

Both the well-done steak and raw meat variants will cost you 16,280 yen or around $120 usd. Again you can check out Capcom’s official Japan store here. The item is expected to release November 2022.