Debut of Chris Hemsworth’s posterior in Thor: Love and Thunder was 10 years in the making

At this point, we all know about Chris Hemsworth's iconic scene in Thor: Love and Thunder from the new trailer.

At this point, we all know about Chris Hemsworth’s iconic scene in Thor: Love and Thunder. It was rather quickly shown to us in the recent trailer–giving fans a rear to look forward to, if you know what I mean. All things considered, what appeared to be an impromptu hiney-shot wasn’t as spur-of-the-moment as you’d think.

Christ Hemsworth shared a bit more about this moment at the movie’s premiere. 

A lot of squats and a bit of everything eh, Chris? Noted on that.

Still, he’s no stranger to stripping down and cranking up the heat. Having shared a quick and steamy scene with Natalie Dormer in 2013’s Rush (look it up yourselves), age-old fans know that Chris runs a tight clinic–and by clinic, I mean his body. So, regardless of whether the whole “ten years in the making” or it “being a dream” was told in jest, we can’t deny that our Aussie man-crush seems to be packing a lot of heat down under.

And hey, just in case you actually haven’t seen the trailer, you’re welcome.

So, if you wanna go and see how well those squats went, Thor: Love and Thunder is coming to cinemas on July 6.