Dynasty Warriors: Overlords mobile game open for pre-registration until August 7

The new mobile game Dynasty Warriors: Overlords is now available for pre-registration in SEA, including the Philippines. 

After its announcement back in 2020, the new mobile game Dynasty Warriors: Overlords is now available for pre-registration in SEA, including the Philippines.

Specifically, Overlords started its pre-registration period on July 12, and it will end on August 7, 2022. Players who pre-register for the game will get a chance to win an ASUS ROG 5s, GCash Wallet Credits, and various in-game items.

Overlords is a new mobile game entry in the long-running Dynasty Warriors game seires by Koei Tecmo. Much like its console counterparts, Overlords features action-packed hack-and-slash gameplay where players will be involved in the war of the Three Kingdoms. Players will face off against thousands of enemies, as well as conquer powerful generals.

You can also collect the various Generals of the Three Kingdoms, including the likes of Zhao Yun, Liu Bei, Zhang Fei, Guan Yu, Cao Cao, Sun Quan, Sun Ce, Diao Chan, and Lu Bu.

Similar to other mobile games, Overlords features both PvE and PvP modes. In PvE, players can play solo in dungeons to get rewards. There are also other PvE features such as Storm where players must defeat as many enemies as they can within a time limit.

Here’s a rundown of the game’s highlight PvE features:

  • Blossom: PVE solo mode in the form of dungeons that can be completed to get rewards every day.
  • Storm: a competition to defeat as many enemies as possible within a predetermined time limit.
  • Lightning: A mode that has 4 chapters with 5 stages each. Players must complete the stage to move to the next stage and chapter.Combin
  • Fighter Skills: PVE solo mode with SSR General Fragments rewarded. Choose a General to use and to complete the stage.
  • Great Competition: Solo PVE mode with SSR General Fragments reward. Players can compete with other players for the Boss.
  • Combined War: Form a team and aim to defeat enemy Generals.
  • BOSS War – Beast: Choose up to 5 Generals to beat the Dungeon Boss. Strange Beast Mode will end when all Generals or Dungeon Bosses are defeated
  • Army Advisor Activities: Clear stages of varying difficulty to get various materials.

Meanwhile, here are the highlight PvP features:

  • Solative Striving: PVP using 3 Generals, defeat all enemy Generals to win the battle.
  • Karma Duel: Unlock General’s Karma to unlock Karma challenges. It is a solo PVP that challenges enemies based on the highest Rating.
  • Martial Party: Automatic PVP Solo Duel using 3 Generals against 3 enemy Generals.
  • Imperial Fight: Solo PVP elimination mode.
  • Guild Tournament: Automatic PVP using 3 Generals against 3 enemy Generals.
  • Guild Ladder: 3vs3 Party PVP with Guild members against other Guilds

For more info on the game and to pre-register, visit the Dynasty Warriors: Overlords website.