Toycon 2022 Finds to Geek Out your Workspace

Stuff you may want to spruce up the Geek value of your professional life

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Toycon Philippines is back, and it’s been a while too since the last Toycon which was before the pandemic (and that was ages ago). How time flies by. Just like before, Toycon brings back the joy in toy collection and displays but what about just expressing your geekery in your workplace or workspace? Here are some of the awesome finds we saw in Toycon 2022 that can definitely be used to GEEK OUT your work.


Let’s kick start this with some drinkable mugs! That’s right, forget those corporate mugs your office provides that all look the same and you can’t tell anymore and unbeknownst to you you’ve given indirect kisses to your officemate because all your mugs, cups, andf glasses look alike. Personalize your drinking piece with some of the cool mug designs you’ll see at Toycon 2022.



What’s next? How about some extended mouse pad to upgrade your work desk in geek fashion. This spread will look good with your mechanical keyboard and mouse making you more productive.


Passport Holders

For those professionals on the go, these awesome looking passport holders will not only protect your passport’s outer cover but will also add some snazz with your geeky professional look. There are also card stickers for your ATM and credit cards as well as a vaccine card holder as well.  You know there is something “official” when your vaccine card has the Umbrella Corporation design to it.


Laptop / Phone Skins

Next up how about some skins for your laptop and mobile devices! But before that make sure your office approves this if your are using company equipment.



Last but not least these cool looking backpacks for  your laptop and tablet  devices. Work and travel in style because using your corporate laptop backpack makes it too obvious  on what’s inside right.


“Honorable” Mentions

And now for the “Honorable mentions”. These are finds that definitely fit our working adult lifestyle but maaaybe not “professional” enough.


You can find these goodies at Toycon 2022! There’s still some time left for today so better grab them if you still can!