Ultra Kaiju Monster Rancher stomps its way to the Nintendo Switch on October 20

You can pre-order now and get some exclusive items.

ONE Store Beta Now Available

Bandai Namco Entertainment Asia recently revealed that an Ultra Kaiju Monster Rancher is coming to the Nintendo Switch console this year!

Yes, you heard that right. The popular Monster breeding simulation game will get the Kaiju treatment!

Check out the announcement video below video below:

For those interested in getting this, if you pre-order the game you can acquire some cool in-game items:

Kaiju: “Sevenger Giant of Light Skin”

A Sevenger painted to look like a Giant of Light. One can sense its strong desire to fight as bravely as a Giant of Light.

Raising Items Set

This set contains six items that help you raise your Ultra Kaiju:

– Giant Cake: A favorite among Kaiju. It has the ability to quell rage.

– Gan-Q Candy: A sweet treat that looks exactly like a Gan-Q’s eyeball. It boosts accuracy.

– Mandarin Juice: Juice made from the mandarin plant. It lowers fatigue and stress.

The set also contains items from Monster Rancher!

– Silver Peach: A beautiful silver peach with the power to extend life. It can only be eaten once in a lifetime.

– Kalaragi Mango: A popular fruit on the continent. It aids recovery.

– Smoked Snake: A Mystic Snake that has been cooked until charred black. It can be used to train your Kaiju.


Ultra Kaiju Monster Rancher will be releasing for the Nintendo Switch on October 20, 2022.