Swatch unveils Dragon Ball Z collaboration, releasing in the Philippines soon

    No, the cost isn't over 9000 (hopefully)


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    Reunite in Seal M

    Fresh off a Fortnite collab, Dragon Ball Z has teamed up with Swatch for a new wristwatch collection. 

    While we’ve witnessed our fair share of anime-inspired collaborations with top-tier fashion brands, there’s always one that’ll come out and surprise you–much like a fireball to the face. I suppose it’s just about time we took a gander at the Swatch X Dragon Ball Z collection that’s dropping soon!

    The Prince of Saiyans approves.

    Sure, there have been quite a few mainstream anime collections, but let’s be real. We’ve all been waiting for something as iconic as DBZ to tie things up with a popular wristwatch company–a company that doesn’t sell watches that require you to sell your house just to purchase.

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    Check ’em out.

    This collection features three Swatch watch models, and seven watches in total. We see what you did there.

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    You’ll get some stylized, nostalgic designs featuring some of the anime franchise’s most popular character’s: Son Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Majin Buu, Cell, Frieza, and Master Roshi. No best dad Piccolo at the moment, but who’s to say?

    As for pricing, the Dragonball Z x Swatch collection has different price ranges per watch model, from €80-130, or $79-129. This means each watch shouldn’t cost over PHP 9,000 (hopefully that is). The full selection is currently for purchase on Swatch’s official website.

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    Currently, the collection is confirmed to release in the Philippines as per a post on Swatch PH’s Facebook page. Though there’s no word yet on a release date. 

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