The Major Game Changes in the Genshin 3.0 Update

The Genshin Impact 3.0 update is releasing today, and here's the content that you can expect in this massive new patch.

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Unless you have been living under a rock like a Dendro Slime, you would know that Mihoyo has been slowly drip marketing their highly anticipated patch since July 11, 2022, which culminated into a livestream last August 13, 2022. Here are the much-awaited features coming to Teyvat in Genshin Impact’s 3.0 patch update!

The Dendro Element

Finally, the 7-element system of Genshin Impact is complete. With the 3.0 patch release, players would be able to manipulate the element of Dendro. Players though might have already encountered the Dendro element, in some places from its corresponding Slime, but are unable to effectively react with it other than applying the burning reaction with the pyro element. Unlocking this element comes a whole slew of new reactions!

That is like.. a lot

New Area: SUMERU

The new patch also unlocks a new area for travelers to explore! Sumeru, well known as a city of scholars, seems to be a land of extreme contrast with its lush rainforests and areas of mysterious withering.


Entering Sumeru, we are already greeted with a mystery. The Tabibito never rests!

Smack dab in the middle is a city embedded in a giant tree.


Getting that Ferngully vibe

And there seems to be an expansive desert somewhere beyond Sumeru.


New Characters

And what would a new area be without new characters? 3 new characters would be released along with this new patch: the five-star Tighnari and four-star Collei. Both master and student manipulate the dendro element and wields a bow.



Like master, like student

Another four-star character, Dori, a merchant with a knack for getting you to part with your money, will be released. She is labeled as an electro support character, who heals (!!!) and wields a claymore with the help of her genie.


Guess someone rubbed the genie the wrong way.

Last but not the least, our traveler, our tabibito, would also be able to unlock the power of Dendro. Who knows what kind of powers it may bring?


Looks like the elemental skill is a dendro cone blast

Collei would be available as a free reward for completing the main seasonal event entitled “Graven Innocence”. Tighnari, unlike previously released 5-star characters, would also be immediately available in the standard banner.

These are only the major features and there are so much more such as new enemies, exploration mechanics, and optimization tools! Travelers will be able to experience all these during its release today!

So, are you excited for patch 3.0 yet?? We know we are! Tell us in the comment section what you are looking forward to the most for this next patch!