Anime, Comics, and Games are more than just solo experiences in this new Video Community 

Anime, Comics, and Games are more than just solo experiences in this new Video Community. Welcome to Bilibili TV: your new hub for fun!

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There’s nothing quite like watching anime, reading comics, or playing games to unwind after a long day of work or school. These activities are a fun way to decompress, especially when done with friends!

Wait, you might be thinking – how can anime, comics, and games be a group activity? Sure, there are multiplayer games, but there are also lots of games like Genshin Impact where it’s a mostly single-player experience. Well, these can be enjoyed with friends thanks to online platforms such as Bilibili.

In case you didn’t know, Bilibili is an online platform that’s not your ordinary video website. This platform is designed for anime, comics, and games fans so that they can enjoy content based on their shared interests in anime, comics, and games. With Bilibili, fans can  not only enjoy content on their favorite topics but also interact with their fellow fans and creators through the platform’s innovative features which we’ll get to in a bit.

The laser focus on anime, comics, and gaming content and the unique community atmosphere has drawn not only viewers but also lots of Filipino content creators making videos based on these Otaku interests.

Aside from being a platform where fans can watch videos, Bilibili aims to be more than just a video website as its goal is to be the center of the Pinoy Otaku community. Bilibili is doing this by introducing innovative features, such as the “Flying Comment” feature, a live commenting function that displays the thoughts and feelings of other audiences viewing the same video in real time.

Add flying comments for more interaction and engagement

With this feature, viewers can get a more interactive and “live” experience, enhancing the sense of community. Plus, creators are also helped by this feature as it allows them to see what exactly viewers are enjoying with their content.

One such creator is dgosuyt, a Genshin Impact fan who started creating memes and other funny content for the hit RPG. His name is a combination of the Korean word gosu meaning highly skilled, with the “d” at the beginning standing for “define”.

While there are many Genshin Impact content creators online, what makes dgosuyt’s videos more engaging is the features of Bilibili. With the “Flying Comment” feature, fans won’t just be able to enjoy the videos on their own, but they’ll also see the reactions of fellow fans in real-time, giving a stronger sense of community. Thanks to this, Genshin Impact is no longer just a solitary experience while watching dgosuyt’s videos.

Watch this to learn more about dgosuyt’s unique and funny Genshin Impact videos, as well as how he got started with content creation and how Bilibili helped his content reach a wider otaku audience:

Dgosuyt started creating videos in late 2020, and since then has created lots of meme videos for the Genshin Impact community to enjoy. You can see his content along with countless others over at Bilibili by searching “dgosuyt”. Thanks to his timely and incredibly funny videos, dgosuyt is on his way to becoming one of the key voices of the Pinoy Genshin Impact community.

On top of these fun creator videos, Bilibili is also the platform to watch the latest anime hits. This is because the platform has the largest anime inventory in SEA from the latest releases to the classic titles everyone knows and loves. New anime episodes are released on a daily basis, genres including but not limited to action, adventure, comedy, fantasy, romance, school, sci-fi, sports, and food.  For instance, the latest season of Overlord along with the three earlier seasons are streaming officially on Bilibili. In fact, we caught up with the series right on the platform. Stay tuned for the upcoming anime series for the Fall season!

What’s great about this kind of “hybrid content ecosystem” is that anime fans can watch anime series of their choice, then jump right into content creators about their favorite titles.

With this, Bilibili aims to be the biggest go-to online home of the Philippines’ anime, comics, and gaming community. And it also promises to promote the talents of Filipino content creators to the country and all around the world.

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