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SEGA Company of Heroes 3

    Attack on Titan is getting a live stage musical soon

    An Attack on Titan stage musical is something we definitely didn't expect to see.


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    As we wait for the release of the Final Season Part 3, an Attack on Titan live stage musical was announced, and it is happening in early 2023.

    While Attack on Titan isn’t a stranger to live-action adaptations (there are two live-action films that fans might not want to talk about), a stage musical is definitely something that we didn’t expect to see.

    And if you’re still thinking it’s a joke, well, you can check the official trailer here:

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    The stage production is officially called “Attack on Titan the Musical” and it is directed by Go Ueki, with scriptwriter Masafumi Hata, KEN THE 390 handling the music, and Kaori Miura in charge of lyrics.

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    The musical’s cast includes:

    • Eren – Kurumu Okamiya
    • Mikasa – Sara Takatsuki
    • Armin – Eito Konishi
    • Jean – Yu Fukuzawa
    • Marco – Kazuaki Yasue
    • Connie – Tomoya Nakanishi
    • Sasha – Sena
    • Hannes – Mitsu Murata
    • Keith – Takeshi Hayashino
    • Dimo – Masanori Tomita
    • Carla – Mimi Maihane
    • Grisha – Mitsuru Karahashi
    • Hange – Riona Tatemichi
    • Levi – Ryo Matsuda
    • Erwin – Takuro Ohno

    While there’s no much info regarding its story, it’s likely that the musical will cover the events of the first season given the characters that are in the play.

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    We’re not sure how a musical version of this dark and grim manga/anime series will work, but it has definitely piqued our interest. Sadly, you’ll have to be in Japan to see it.

    Attack on Titan the Musical will have an initial run from January 7-9, 2023, at the Orix Theater in Osaka, Japan. Following this, the next run will be on January 14-24, 2023, at the Nippon Seinekan Hall in Tokyo

    Find out more about the event at the official website.

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