Genshin Impact 3.1 Update: The biggest upcoming game changes

Patch 3.0 hasn’t been a month old yet and Genshin Impact patch 3.1 is already hot on its heels, and it will be released on September 28.

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Patch 3.0 hasn’t been a month old yet and Genshin Impact patch 3.1 is already hot on its heels! As we await the launch of the patch, here are a few things we’re looking forward to in the Genshin Impact 3.1 Update.

In contrast to the lush jungles that greeted us in patch 3.0, patch 3.1 unlocks the great desert area. This area holds a lot of unknown dangers and forgotten secrets buried in its sands. For sure, we’re in for new puzzles and some sweet new lore.

Speaking of dangers, we get to fight 2 new bosses who’ll test our skills (most likely multiple times as we’ll probably need the materials they drop) – The Semi-Perpertual Control Matrix and the Aeonblight Drake. These bosses have quite the awesome look to them. What powers these monstrosities? What’s the lore behind them? What could be the new battle mechanics to fighting them?

The new Archon quest also features 2 Fatui Harbingers – One of whom we already encountered at least twice – Scaramouche – and one we’re seeing for the first time – Il Dottore. We’re definitely curious as to what they’re plotting and how their stories add up to the overall lore of the game.

To brave these new areas, our traveler is joined by 3 new companions which we’ll be looking at in closer detail starting with Cyno.

Cyno is a 5-star electro polearm user who seems to be a DPS-centric character. He can use his elemental burst to wrap his arms in electro claws, changes his attack patterns, and makes him deal more damage! You can view his recently released trailer here:


Candace, our first 4-star hydro polearm user, will be released alongside him and she also has a shield! Not only that, she also has heterochromia (which means her pupils have a different color each) which really adds to her overall coolness factor. With all that, it almost seems like she should have been a 5-star!

The 2nd phase of patch 3.1 brings Nilou, a 5-star hydro sword user, whom we have already met in 3.0. She combines her graceful dance moves and swordsmanship to deal different patterns of attack based on the sequence of buttons you press. Definitely an awesome mechanic and one we can’t wait to play around with.

Also, we do feel like there’s also a potential character, Mika, coming as he has been teased in the trailer. He honestly looks too fleshed out and detailed to be an NPC but we also don’t see a vision on him. Will he be a a new playable character in the future?

To help us with summoning, HoYoverse has given us even more events, as well as daily log-in rewards to farm those precious primogems and fates. Here’s a quick overview of what’s to come.

Patch 3.1 will be released on September 28, 2022 – right on time for its second anniversary so we may be expecting a lot more in-game rewards coming.