Lenovo launches the ThinkPad P16s Gen 1 and ThinkStation P360 Ultra in the Philippines

Lenovo Philippines has unveiled two new workstations, the ThinkPad P16s Gen 1 and the ThinkStation P350 Ultra. 

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After the recent launch of its premium laptop lineup, Lenovo Philippines has unveiled two new workstations, the ThinkPad P16s Gen 1 and the ThinkStation P350 Ultra.

These new devices are geared toward working professionals who are in need of a powerful workstation, be it something that can be taken anywhere or for a home/office setup.


First up is the ThinkPad P16s Gen 1, a mobile workstation that is powered by the latest Intel Core processors and NVIDIA T550 professional graphics. The workstation is ISV-certified and suited for heavy applications such as AutoCAD, Revit, SolidWorks, and more.

The mobile workstation also features a wider touchpad, a large battery, an FHD webcam, and a display with a 16:10 aspect ratio for extra vertical screen real estate.

On top of these, the laptop is also capable of doubling as a gaming laptop, making it an all-in-one device for professionals who want a gaming machine after a hard day’s work.

Next up is the ThinkStation P360 Ultra, a slim desktop tower with a chassis that’s less than 4L in volume. Despite this, the PC packs the latest 12 Gen Intel Core processors and NVIDIA RTX professional graphics.

Much like the ThinkBook, this ThinkStation is also fully ISV-certified and tested at the highest level to pass MIL-SPEC standards. It is also ideal for complex CAD, design, Edge/IoT, and other workflows.

“We are revolutionizing the market with a new mobile as well as a new desktop workstation that is purpose-built to deliver impressive performances that our customers need. The ThinkPad P16s Gen 1 is our most mobile 16-inch workstation while the ThinkStation P360 Ultra is one of the most versatile workstations available. Through our offerings, we hope to provide ways for professionals to increase efficiency and effectiveness in the workplace and beyond,” shares Harveen Singh Tara, Workstation Business Lead for Lenovo Central Asia Pacific.

In the Philippines, prices start at PHP 95,999 for the Lenovo ThinkPad P16s and PHP 114,799 for the ThinkStation P360 Ultra.