vivo V25 – A Photography Studio in Your Pocket and More

Right now, we’re going to take a look at the vivo V25, a phone that promises to be an on-the-go photography studio thanks to its cameras.

vivo launched a range of smartphones this year so far, and its latest is another intriguing offering. Recently, vivo unveiled the premium V25 series, consisting of the base V25, the V25e, and the V25 Pro. All three phones may have different specs, but all of them promise to be Night Portrait Masters.

Right now, we’re going to take a look at the vivo V25, a phone that promises to be an on-the-go photography studio thanks to its capabilities when it comes to taking portraits, as well as low light photos, videos, and a lot more.

Though aside from its camera capabilities, the vivo V25 also promises a lot of other features and pros, including great performance for daily use, excellent gaming capabilities, and of course, its eye-catching design.

Clever Color-Changing Design

Before we get into its cameras that make it a Night Portrait Master, let’s look at the V25’s design.  This is thanks to the 2.5D thin and light body of the phone that makes it look sleek and elegant. Plus, aside from looking good, it also feels great in the hand thanks to the lightweight and grippy, flat sides.

Though the highlight of the phone design-wise is the Photochromic version 2.0 feature. Basically, vivo coated the back of the phone with what it calls a “Light Molecular” coating that changes color when exposed to sunlight or UV light. For example, the V25 in Sunrise Gold can change into an orange-red hue when exposed to light, then go back to its golden color after a while.

While other phones boast color-changing features, most devices do so only when you tilt them while under a bright light source. The V25 is a true color-changing phone thanks to Photochromic 2.0. Plus, you can get creative with your phone’s design. For instance, you can cover the phone with a pattern and put it under sunlight. After a few seconds, the phone will retain the pattern while the rest of it will be a different color.

On top of these, the phone has a Fluorite AG Matte back that not only looks premium but also feels it as it shares the same material as the premium X80 series. Plus, this coating is fingerprint and scratch resistant for extra protection.

Fast and Reliable

Aesthetics aren’t the only strong suit of the V25 though. The phone also has great performance with its MediaTek Dimensity 900 processor that’s paired with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage. This 5G processor not only gives you fast and reliable connectivity, but it also offers great performance for everyday tasks.

If you’re the type of person to switch between multiple apps, the V25 will have no issues as its 8GB of RAM also comes with 8GB of extended RAM. This extended RAM is a nifty feature by vivo that allows the phone to “borrow” memory from the internal storage, meaning the phone won’t slow down even if you open multiple apps. In my time with it, even after switching between apps and opening many apps, the phone did not slow down.

Aside from great performance, I found the phone to be a long-lasting device, this is thanks in part to the 6nm MediaTek processor with its Energy-save tech that allows it to be more power efficient. It also helps that the phone packs a large 4,500mAH battery with 44W FlashCharge.

While the phone can easily last for a day of use in my time with it, if you do need to charge, the 44W FlashCharge support means the phone was able to reach from zero to 35% in just 15 minutes; and it can reach 61% in just around 30 minutes. Great news if you’re like me and sometimes forget to charge your phone the night before.

Night Portrait Master that’s Great for Selfies, Vlogs, and More

Now we move on to the cameras. As with most vivo phones, the V25 has an impressive camera setup, complete with a 64MP OIS Ultra-Sensing Camera with Extreme Night Vision, as well as a 50MP Eye AF Selfie Camera.

The 50MP AF Selfie front camera is impressive, especially as other phones often put little focus on the selfie cam. But vivo packed the selfie shooter with some nifty features, the biggest of which is the Front Camera Eye Autofocus. With this feature, you are guaranteed to get selfies that are in focus as the camera smartly focuses on the eyes to prevent blurry selfies.

The front cam also Video HDR which allows for clear faces and backgrounds even when shooting videos that are “against the light.” On top of this, the selfie cam has other features, including AR Stickers, Slo-mo capabilities, Double Exposure, and more.

The rear camera setup is also just as impressive as it is headlined by a 64MP camera with OIS or optical image stabilization; or more accurately, the phone packs O+E stabilization (or optical plus electronic stabilization). In case you’re unfamiliar, OIS ensures the stability of the lens for videos, and it helps keep it stable when taking low-light photos.

Thanks to this, the vivo V25 has impressive night photography capabilities, whether you shoot landscape shots or portrait photos at night. As for videos, OIS also helps the phone take stable videos, even when you’re walking. This makes it a great partner for budding vloggers.

To top these all off, the rear camera setup features an 8MP ultrawide shooter – great for extra flexibility. Plus, the 2MP macro camera is also there for extreme close-up shots.

Entertainment and Gaming Powerhouse

While the V25 isn’t highlighted as a gaming smartphone, it definitely has the features and specs to be one. The phone packs a MediaTek Dimensity 900 processor and RAM + Extended Ram feature means it’s a great phone for gaming

On top of these specs, the phone also has a range of extra features to help the gaming experience. These include an Immersive Audio System for better game audio, Game Boost Mode for extra performance, and a Game Antenna Design so that the phone has reliable connectivity for competitive titles.

In our time with it, the V25 ran all our favorite games with ease, including titles such as Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Call of Duty: Mobile, Wild Rift, and more. On top of great performance, the phone did not get hot during our tests, meaning the phone’s Liquid Cooling system works well.

As for entertainment, the phone’s 6.44-inch FHD+ 90Hz display is a great match for binge-watching your favorite movies and shows. This is not only thanks to the high resolution but also because of the AMOLED screen. Yes, this phone packs an AMOLED display, meaning it outputs vibrant colors and deep blacks for a better viewing experience. Also helping with the watching experience is the phone’s speaker which outputs good sound quality that can get quite loud.

vivo V25 – A Night Portrait Master and More

If you’re looking for a premium flagship-like device that features great cameras and an innovative design, all without sacrificing its other features, the vivo V25 should definitely be on your radar.

As its moniker says, the vivo V25 is a master of night photography thanks to its OIS-equipped rear camera, all while having features such as Eye Autofocus for blur-free selfies, as well as great vlogging capabilities.

On top of these, the V25 has a true color-changing design that you can tweak to your liking thanks to Photochromic 2.0. Plus, the phone packs great gaming and entertainment capabilities, as well as reliable battery life with super-quick charging. Thanks to all of these features, you can’t really go wrong with the V25.

The vivo V25 is available now online via the Shopee, Lazada, Tiktok Shop & vivo e-store for PHP 23,999. You can get one now at:

Meanwhile, the phone will be available in all vivo Concept stores and Kiosks nationwide starting October 1, 2022. The phone will be available with 9, 12, 15 or up to 18-month installments via Home Credit; and 6, 12, or up to 24 months via credit card.

As a bonus, a SIM card + Clock Speaker + BT Neck Band will be given away for free with each vivo V25 purchase, until supplies last.