Budol on a Budget Season: Why the vivo Y22s should be your top Christmas gift

While it features an affordable price tag, the Y22s has everything that you need in a phone for the holidays, and more.

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Christmas is one of the biggest events in the Philippines. After all, we Filipinos are known all over the world for having the longest Christmas celebrations, with festivities starting as early as September.

Why is Christmas such an important part of the year? Well, aside from being a key religious event, it’s also the time when families gather together to bond and decompress after a long year. Plus, it’s a way to enjoy scrumptious food with loved ones, so who doesn’t love that?

In today’s modern Christmas celebrations, smart devices such as phones play a key role. Before, families needed to have a dedicated camera to capture their holiday moments. Meanwhile, families with OFWs had no way to quickly video chat with each other.

But thanks to smartphones, capturing Christmas celebrations are made easier, not to mention that it allows loved ones to communicate live. On top of these, a phone is an all-in-one holiday entertainment solution, whether it’s to play games with pinsans or to lighten up the mood with some music or holiday movies.

If you already have a budget set aside for gifts and food, you might think that now is not the time to upgrade to a new smartphone. But that’s not the case as the new vivo Y22s promises to be the best smartphone you can get on a budget for a true Paskong La VIVO Local.

While it features an affordable price tag, the Y22s has everything that you need in a phone for the holidays, and more! This is thanks to its impressive combo of great cameras, capable processor, and large battery.

In case you need more convincing though, here’s a quick rundown of why the vivo Y22s is the phone of choice for a Paskong La VIVO Local celebration!

Max out the Night with the vivo Y22s Super Night Camera

One of the best ways the vivo Y22s can let you enjoy this year’s Christmas celebrations better is through its cameras. Specifically, the Y22s has a 50MP main camera that’s complemented by a macro and a depth sensor. This 50MP main shooter not only allows you to capture great daytime photos, but it also has impressive night capabilities that let you, Max out the Night. This is important for the holiday as Christmas celebrations typically happen at night.

For reference, here are some festive sample shots taken with the Y22s that showcase its daytime and nighttime capabilities.

To go along with its great main camera capabilities, the phone also features a 2MP macro camera and a 2MP depth sensor that can let you get creative with photos. Plus, it has an 8MP selfie shooter at the front that can take pretty good selfies – great for group selfies with the family as well as for video chats with loved ones overseas.

In case you love taking lots of photos, you won’t have to worry as the Y22s has up to 128GB storage with 16GB Dynamic RAM, meaning you won’t run out of space anytime soon, even if you take hundreds upon hundreds of photos.

Festive Design

The Y22s packs nice cameras, but that’s not the only thing that vivo focused on in this phone. This new budget-friendly vivo device also comes with a design that looks and feels premium.

Specifically, the Y22s’ body has a 2.5D curvature that not only feels great but also gives you a comfortable grip. This means even without a case, the phone should be comfortable to grip and won’t slip while you’re busy celebrating and taking photos/videos.

The Y22s also comes in two beautiful colors, the first being Summer Cyan which has a lovely gradient. Meanwhile, the phone also comes in Starlit Blue for those who preferer a more subtle hue. Whichever color you pick, the phone is scratch resistant and won’t show fingerprints easily, meaning it will look pristine even after the busy holiday season.

Big Display

vivo packed the Y22s with a large 6.55-inch HD+ display that has a 90Hz refresh rate, making it feel fast and snappy when in use.

Thanks to the large screen, the Y22s gives you more entertainment options for the holidays. For instance, if you’re at a holiday family reunion and there’s only one TV, there won’t be a need to fight over the TV as the Y22s can work as a video-playing device on its own.

Plus, the display filters out harmful blue light so you can rest assured that your eyes (and especially the eyes of your younger relatives) will be safe during your holiday movie marathon.

Holiday Entertainment Partner

Aside from having a big display for holiday binge-watching, the phone also packs a Snapdragon 680 processor which makes it a capable gaming partner.

If you’re in a holiday celebration with younger pinsans, you can have a great time bonding with them this Christmas while playing games. Whether it’s Mobile Legends or Minecraft, the Y22s should have no issues running these titles. This is thanks as well to the Multi-Turbo 5.5 feature which optimizes the phone’s performance for gaming. To further add to its gaming capabilities, the vivo Y22s feature the ear customized audio effect which gives users more immersive audio for a better gaming experience.

Plus, if you do need to switch between apps, the phone will still be snappy thanks to vivo’s Extended RAM feature that borrows storage space as RAM intelligently, so you’ll never run out of memory for multitasking.

Finally for gaming, the phone features an Ultra Game Mode that adds customized audio effects for a more immersive experience.

Battery Life that will last you through your Christmas Celebration


Holiday celebrations can extend well into the night, and not all phones can last throughout the festivities. But the vivo Y22s can do so easily thanks to its large 5,000mAh phone. Thanks to this, even if you play games, take photos, and play music, the phone should still have enough charge to last until the end of the celebration.

If you do need to charge (say you forgot to charge it), the Y22s has 18W fast charging support which can charge the phone to 70% in just a bit over an hour.

Paskong La VIVO Local with the Y22s

Thanks to the phone’s 50MP main camera that can Max out the Night, long battery life that can last the Christmas celebration, and capable processor that helps it be an all-around entertainment device, the vivo Y22s is no doubt a great phone for the holiday season.

What makes it even better is that the phone is priced at well below PHP 10k, meaning you don’t have to spend much to get a phone that can level up your holiday celebrations for a Paskong La VIVO Local experience!

The vivo Y22s is priced at just PHP 7,999 for the 4 + 64 GB model and PHP 8,499 for the 4 + 128 GB variant.

The phone is available now at all vivo Concept stores and Kiosks nationwide. As a bonus, from November 15, 2022, to January 31, 2023, customers can get a chance to win exciting prizes and cool freebies when they visit vivo stores and kosks nationwide. So, make sure you put this phone on your holiday shopping list!