Genshin Impact Version 3.2 is out now – Meet the new characters

It is no secret that ever since Sumeru was teased, the information that most travelers looked forward to was regarding the new archon.

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It is no secret that ever since Sumeru was teased, the information that most travelers looked forward to was regarding the new archon, and Hoyoverse did not disappoint.

Lesser lord Kusanali, more comfortably known as Nahida, has got to be the cutest loli character yet in Genshin Impact’s roster. Even though she is the youngest archon known to exist, her skills do not lack the flash and flare of her predecessors. The latest livestream also gave us a glimpse of what she can do.

Nahida is a 5-star Dendro catalyst user. Her normal attacks make it seem like she is playing hopscotch while dealing damage in an area in front of her.

Her elemental skill looks like she is taking a panoramic picture of the battlefield, marking enemies, and dealing damage to them. This leaves an effect that seems to link the enemies.

Her elemental burst is the coolest one yet. It reminds us of “Domain Expansion” from the Jujutsu Kaisen anime. It also leaves behind a huge dendro field, which is very important for new elemental reactions such as catalyze and hyperbloom.

Her idle animation sees her making a suspended swing with her dendro powers. Such cute!

To top it all off, it was her birthday last October 27! Happy Birthday Nahida! You can see the video here:

Nahida will be available in the first phase of the patch alongside Yoimiya, who already had a rerun in the past.

The other new character, Layla, is an interesting one. If you love sleep and/or lack sleep due to enjoying this game so much, then you might relate to this new character. Layla is a 4-star cryo sword user who takes sleeping to a whole new level – DURING COMBAT! Based on the preview, she sleeps mid-air while a cryo shield protects her. Talk about not needing air-conditioning anymore.

Layla will be released in phase 2 of the event wish banner along with a rerun for Yae Miko and Childe. Don’t sleep on this banner!

Another character also ascends into archon-hood, but this time as a boss battle! That’s right! The Balladeer is back and this time taller than ever in his new robot or automaton, which reminds us this time of the Jaegers from Pacific Rim. This boss will have multiple phases, with each phase unleashing different devastating skills. It was mentioned that you’ll need a floating dendro sort of thing to help you defeat him. Definitely another boss worthy to be spanked!

Other new features include the new event called “Fabulous Fungus Frenzy” where you catch certain fungi, train them to be the very best like no one ever was! Completing this event rewards you with a free Dori!

Last but not least – finally, a Dendro Hypostasis will be available as a new boss elite boss to battle both in the open world and in the “Hypostatic Symphony” event! I wonder what the new mechanics are to take down this boss quickly.

All of these are rolling out with the recent release of Genshin Impact update 3.2. So, what’s your favorite feature so far? There are so many, we can’t choose but we will definitely summon for Nahida. See you in the world of Teyvat soon, travelers!