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    vivo Philippines announces a week-long Black Friday Sale

    vivo is offering big deals on its range of smartphones this week.


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    While Black Friday is more of a US tradition, that’s not stopping vivo from treating Pinoy tech shoppers with its Black Friday sale.

    Beginning November 23, vivo is offering up to 40% off on select devices. Plus, buyers can get a chance to win freebies, including SIM cards, premium tumblers, wireless earbuds, and more for each purchase of a vivo V25 series, Y35, Y16, and Y22s phone.

    Here’s a rundown of all the phones on special offer during the sale:

    Y01PHP 100 OFF SIM CARD + Premium Tumbler
    Y15sPHP300 OFFSIM CARD + Premium Tumbler
    Y15APHP200 OFFSIM CARD + Premium Tumbler
    Y16 4+64GBPHP40 OFFSIM CARD + Earphones
    Y16 4+128GBPHP40 OFFSIM CARD + Earphones
    Y22s 4+128GBPHP200 OFFSIM CARD + Earphones
    Y22s 8+128GBPHP200 OFFSIM CARD + Earphones
    Y21TPHP200 OFFSIM CARD + Earphones
    Y33sPHP1000 OFFSIM CARD + Earphones
    Y35PHP200 OFFSIM CARD + Earphones
    Y73PHP200 OFFSIM CARD + Earphones
    Y76 5GPHP200 OFFSIM CARD + Earphones
    T1xPHP100 OFFSIM CARD + Earphones
    T1PHP300 OFFSIM CARD + 2in1 Clock Speaker
    V23ePHP1000 OFFSIM CARD + Earphones
    V23 5GPHP300 OFFSIM CARD + 2in1 Clock Speaker + vivo backpack
    V25ePHP200 OFFSIM CARD + Earphones
    V25PHP300 OFFSIM CARD + Earphones + BT Neckband
    V25 ProPHP200 OFFSIM CARD + Earphones + BT Neckband
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    Don’t miss out on these deals as the vivo Black Friday sale will be available only from November 23 until November 30, 2022 via the vivo E-store.

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    Nicolo Manaloto
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