Elden Ring Patch Version 1.08 is out now, here are the full patch notes

    Elden Ring Patch 1.08 here, and it brings the PvP Colosseum and a range of adjustments.


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    Bandai Namco and FromSoftware have just released Elden Ring Patch 1.08, and it features the free Colosseum update and a wide range of balance adjustments.

    In the Colosseum, players can enjoy both 1v1 PvP as well as 3v3 group multiplayer. Along with these, big balance adjustments and new hairstyles were released:

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    Meanwhile, here is the rest of the Elden Ring version 1.08 patch notes:

    PvP-exclusive balance adjustments (The adjustments in this section do not affect single-player or cooperative play)

    • Reduced thrusting weapons counterattack damage.
    • Reduced guard efficiency when attacking with your shield up for some weapon types.
    • The poise damage of the following weapons have been reduced (Weapon Arts poise damage remains unchanged):
      • Straight Swords / Thrusting Swords / Heavy Thrusting Swords / Curved Swords / Axes / Spears / Twinblade Swords / Katanas
    • Reduced the poise damage of the Incantation Bestial Sling.
    • Reduced the power of the Spell Carian Slicer.
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    General balance adjustments

    • Increased the speed and distance of some attacks and reduced the recovery time for the following weapons:
      • Daggers / Axes / Hammers / Flails (dual wielded)
    • Increased the speed of some attacks and reduced the recovery time for the following weapons:
      • Twinblade (two-handed) / Reaper / Fist / Claw
    • Slightly increased the speed of crouching and rolling attacks of Colossal Swords.
    • Increased the stagger damage of Axes’ guard counters.
    • Increased poise when attacking with two-handed Hammers.
    • Increased poise damage of Claws. Weapon Arts remain unchanged.
    • Increased poise value during the active part of the Stamp (Upward Cut / Sweep) Weapon Art.
    • Increased poise damage of the weapon slash part of the Transient Moonlight Weapon Art, and reduced the poise damage of the magic wave.
    • Reduced the speed Thrusting Swords and Heavy Thrusting Swords crouching attacks.
    • Reduced the stagger caused by double-handed Heavy Thrusting Swords jumping attacks.
    • Reduced poise damage of Hammers, Great Hammers, and some Colossal Weapons. Weapon Arts remain unchanged.
    • Reduced the poise damage of the Cragblade Weapon Art.
    • Reduced hitbox duration of the flame portion of the Flaming Strike Weapon Art.
    • Reduced poise damage of the Flame of the Redmanes Weapon Art.
    • Reduced the time it takes to activate the guard part of the Shield Bash Weapon Art.
    • Reduced the poise damage of the Gravity Bolt Weapon Art.

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented consumable items from being replenished when teleporting to a grace from the map.
    • Fixed a bug where stamina would replenish when switching to a crouching position while running.
    • Fixed a bug where Spell, Incantation, and item input actions were ignored while guarding against attacks.
    • Fixed incorrect physical attack values of some attacks of the Serpent-Hunter weapon.
    • Fixed a bug that prevented the follow-up attack from occurring when the Black Sword Incantation was activated with a Sacred Seal in the left hand.
    • Fixed a bug where the attack power of the right hand weapon was sometimes applied when casting the Inescapable Frenzy Incantation with a two-handed Sacred Seal in the left hand.
    • Fixed a bug that could cause multiple damage instances when certain Spells and Incantations were casted while jumping.
    • Fixed a bug that caused Weapon Arts to be incorrectly used with specific combinations of weapon and Weapon Arts.
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    Elden Ring’s latest major update is out now on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC.

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