Here’s how to get the free Overwatch 2 “Sleighing D.Va” legendary skin

The perfect gift for D.Va mains this Christmas.

Blizzard is on a roll with these free Overwatch 2 skins. With the game’s first Winter Wonderland event in full swing, an exclusive Sleighing D.Va Legendary Skin is being given for FREE as a Twitch stream drop. Here’s how you can acquire this Christmas cosmetic and use it to “sleigh” your opponents (pun intended).

How to get the skin:

The promo is available through the streaming platform Twitch starting from December 25 to January 4, 2023. You just simply need to have your Twitch account linked with your Blizzard account and watch a participating streamer during the event time for a set number of hours.

What you can get:

There are two unique holiday-themed items are available to get, with the last and best one being a legendary-tier skin. Here’s the number hours you need to watch in order to get the cosmetics.

  • Watch for 2 hours: Unlock the Festive D.Va Victory Pose.
  • Watch for 4 hours: Unlock the Sleighing D.Va Legendary Skin.

And that’s it! Make sure to grab these before January 4!

Overwatch 2 is now available for free on PC and all major consoles, yes including the Nintendo Switch. The game features cross-progression and cross-platform play so whether at home or on the go, you can get your dailies and battle pass progression on point.