Overwatch 2’s Winter Wonderland event is now live, get the free epic skin for Brigitte

    The new skin should delight the Brigitte mains this season.


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    The second seasonal event of Overwatch 2, Winter Wonderland – is now here. The new update brings a lot of new cosmetics that are aligned with the festivities, and one particular for the support hero Brigitte will be available for FREE, provided you complete a few easy challenges from the Arcade section of the game.

    Here’s a list of every Winter Wonderland challenge in Overwatch 2

    All in all, there are nine challenges for Winter Wonderland event in 2022.

    • Season’s Greetings – Complete 6 Winter Wonderland Challenges – Ice Queen Brigitte Skin and Snowman Head Weapon Charm
    • Snowstorm – Win a game in Snowball Deathmatch – 1500 Battle Pass XP
    • Abominable – Win a game in Yeti Hunter as a Yeti – Ramattra Ornament Spray and 1500 Battle Pass XP
    • Block of Ice – Block 8 snowballs with Cryo-Freeze or Ice Wall in Snowball Deathmatch or Mei’s Snowball Offensive – Sojourn Ornament Spray and 1500 Battle Pass XP
    • Monster Hunter – Win a game in Yeti Hunter as a Mei – 1500 Battle Pass XP
    • Warmhearted – Thaw 15 Allies in Freezethaw Elimination – Kiriko Ornament Spray and 1500 Battle Pass XP
    • Caught a Cold – Catch 6 snowballs in Snowball Deathmatch – Junker Queen Ornament Spray and 1500 Battle Pass XP
    • Time for Cocoa – Win a game in Mei’s Snowball Offensive – 1500 Battle Pass XP
    • Unthawed – Win a game of Freezethaw Elimination – 1500 Battle Pass XP

    Brigitte may have seen better days in terms of her recent kit right now, but she is still a melee support to be reckoned with. For the people who main her, it might delight you to know that the devs are considering a rework for the hero, particularly her “Rally” ultimate which, in the current version doesn’t feel like its giving enough impact as it was before her GOAT meta days.

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    The event will only last for 3 weeks so better grind them up now to get the free Ice Queen Brigitte epic skin.

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