PH Cosplayers celebrate the launch of Crisis Core FF7 Reunion with breathtaking cosplays

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Happy launch day, FF7 Fans! Crisis Core – Final Fantasy VII – Reunion launches today and fans all over, including myself, are excited to experience / relive the adventures of Zack Fair. The excitement seems to be widespread as these Philippine cosplayers were so hyped that they even made some awesome Crisis Core FF7 Reunion cosplay!

PH Cosplayers Zackt, Prince de Guzman, Cholo Tolentino, Elij Tolosa, and Roxanne Kho got together and went all-out to recreate their beloved characters from the PSP classic. Each one of them definitely rocked the Crisis Core FF7 Reunion cosplay and really showed their love for the game. Here’s a quick look:

Zackt as Zack Fair

Prince de Guzman as Angeal Hewley

Cholo Tolentino as Genesis Rhapsodos

Elij Tolosa as Young Cloud Strife

Roxanne Kho as Young Aerith Gainsborough

When we talked to them, it was unquestionable how much these guys loved Final Fantasy 7 and Crisis Core specifically. “Crisis Core is what seriously got me into FFVII as a whole. It’s also what made me want to start cosplaying because i dreamt of looking like these characters. This was the perfect timing for me to reignite this dream shoot and get to do it with good, talented friends.”said Zackt.

This sentiment was echoed by Cholo who mentioned that this was a dream and passion that was shared by everyone in the group which made this cosplay shoot fun and light! He said, “Not only is it a dream shoot for a lot of us, but it also felt cathartic since everyone involved had been friends for ages! I honestly couldn’t be happier with whom I worked with. We were all extremely comfortable helping direct one another and it honestly felt like we were just goofing around and playing despite the results being as good as they are!”

For the full cosplay shoot albums, you can check it out HERE:

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Photography by Erving Go and Chiisu Studio
Post-Processed by Zack Tolosa