Adidas unveils new Yu-Gi-Oh ‘Dark Magician’ ADI2000 sneakers

After revealing its initial collection, Adidas is back with another Yu-Gi-Oh collaboration, this time on a pair of "Dark Magician" ADI2000s.

After revealing its initial collection a few months ago, Adidas is back with another Yu-Gi-Oh collaboration, this time on a pair of “Dark Magician” ADI2000s.

Officially called the Yu-Gi-Oh! x adidas ADI2000 “YUGI’S WORLD,” this new pair features a design based on the iconic Dark Magician. Fittingly, it comes in a black and purple colorway with gold accents.

Specifically, the chunky sneaker features gold-colored three stripes, as well as various Yu-Gi-Oh-inspired design elements. These include the words “King of Games” and “Time To Duel” on the tongue of the left and right sneaker, respectively.

Other design elements include the Yu-Gi-Oh logo as well as the Millennium Puzzle and Millennium Eye on the laces. A Yu-Gi-Oh logo can also be found on the tongue’s inside. Plus, the Millennium Eye motif can also be seen at the back of each shoe.

Here’s a closer look at the sneakers:

As with previous Yu-Gi-Oh sneakers, this pair comes in a special box that’s inspired by the series.

Finally, each pair comes with a special Dark Magician card that features both logos at the back!


The Yu-Gi-Oh! x adidas ADI2000 “YUGI’S WORLD” will be released in Japan on January 26, 2023. Each pair will be priced at JPY 19,800 (around PHP 8,400 or USD 153).

While the previous Yu-Gi-Oh slides were released in the Philippines back in August, there’s no word yet on when it will be released in the country. Though it looks like this will also get a global release soon.

Story and image source: UP TO DATE