Ghibli Park: How to buy tickets outside Japan in 2023 (for foreigners)

After opening back in November, Ghibli Park is finally letting foreigners buy tickets outside Japan. Here's how you can get one.

After opening back in November, Ghibli Park is finally letting foreigners buy tickets outside Japan!

When the highly anticipated Ghibli theme park opened, it was at the time when Japan was already open to international tourists. Though foreigners were unable to visit the park, not because they weren’t allowed, but because ticket reservations were only available in Japanese and necessitated Japanese credit cards.

Soon though, Ghibli superfans outside Japan will be able to buy a ticket to the park. As announced on the park’s official website, tickets will be made available on January 10 at 2 PM JST / January 10 at 1 PM PHT / January 10 at 12 AM ET / January 9 at 9 PM PT.

Though take note that only tickets for March 15-30 and April 2023 will be made available at those times. This means you won’t be able to buy tickets for January or February if ever you have a Japan trip scheduled soon.

To buy tickets to Ghibli Park outside Japan for foreigners, purchases must be made through the official website.

As mentioned above, the January 10 reservation opening will be for reservations between March 15th through April 30th. This is the first batch of reservations that will be made available. Tickets will be specifically made available HERE.

The site also lists some important information and reminders, including:

  • The dates tickets go on sale and sale periods are subject to change.
  • When you register for reservations, please apply once per area per person. You may purchase up to six tickets for each area at one time. Children three years of age or under are not included in the number of people in your party.
  • In order to prevent ticket resales, you may be randomly selected to show identification upon entering. The person whose name is on the tickets must be present and able to provide ID. Please bring your passport when you visit the park.
  • Tickets are not sold at any of the areas of Ghibli Park.
  • Once a purchase has been made, tickets are non-refundable and non-exchangeable regardless of whether the ticket is used on the day of the reservation or not.
  • Once a purchase has been made, tickets will not be reissued even if they are lost, damaged or stolen.
  • All members of your party must enter each area at the same time as the person whose name is on the tickets.

Given the expected high demand and the limited number of tickets available, it’s possible that you wont’ be able to secure your ticket when reservations open. So, make sure you get to the website early if you want to secure your tickets.

Though Ghibli Park did promise that reservations for future dates will have a gradual rollout. Given this, you’ll want to regularly check the Ghibli Park website for future ticket rollouts.