Kento Yamazaki (Arisu) shares his favorite parts about Alice in Borderland Season 2

An interview with Kento Yamazaki aka Ryohei Arisu

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Season 2 has wrapped up the story of the Alice in Borderland Series. As part of a Japan media junket, we were able to chat with Kento Yamazaki, the actor who plays the main protagonist Ryohei Arisu in Alice in Borderland. UnGeek was able to ask him some questions where he was able to share with us some of his personal takes as well as his favorite parts of the show. Check out our interview with Kento Yamazaki on Alice in Borderland Season 2.

What is your favorite aspect about the world of Alice and Borderland?

Kento Yamazaki (KY): I’d say that all of the games have really left a deep impression on me. The games that were appearing in Season 1 – I really like them as well – but in Season 2, when you look at the different cards, you’ll see that they’re playing with the Face Cards so it’s becoming more difficult and even more challenging. All the games that you see on Season 2, they have to take on the most challenging games of each genre. But more than anything, it’s the fact that the town itself or the city itself IS the field… We had to run around all these places and had to do gunfights… we had to work together to fight our opponents… so it’s going to be very juicy and very interesting for you to see.


What were the key differences between your portrayal of Season 1 Arisu and Season 2 Arisu? What are the core differences between the 2?

Alice In Borderland Season 1 Recap | Latest Anime NewsKY: In Season 1, Arisu was trying (to do everything) in order to protect himself. He has his weakness and vulnerability and, because of that, his friends end up dying. So there was a moment where he tried to prioritize his life over his teammates, so he had that weakness in his heart and the reason why that’s still existing is because… (while) he wanted his friends to survive… it ended up that he survived instead. So he thinks about why he survived alone when the others have passed. He (then) meets this other very important person, Usagi, and, by meeting her, he overcame his selfishness and weakness. (With) Usagi’s presence and also the sense of surviving together… I think mentally he’s stronger. (There’s also) the original hope – the desire to go back – is (now) very clear and (he doesn’t) want to abandon (his) friends and let them lose their lives anymore.


Aside from Arisu, who is the one character in Season 2 that you find the most interesting / most intriguing?

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KY: All the members actually! Haha That’s a difficult question to answer but… my favorite character, I would have to say is (Ginji) Kyuma. The way he lives his life, his philosophy… although he’s an opponent, he’s very likable. He’s a good guy and he’s very straightforward. He really charges at you in a very straightforward manner. Like a very straightforward fighter. I really like that character.

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