Resident Evil 4 Remake is now available for pre-order in the Philippines

    Heads up, Pinoy Resident Evil fans!


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    Ahead of its release, Resident Evil 4 Remake is now available for pre-order in the Philippines in its Standard and Collector’s Editions.

    Specifically, various video game retailers have put up pre-orders for the long-awaited remake recently, with some retailers also putting up pre-orders for the game’s Collector’s Edition on PS5.

    Although, if you haven’t pre-ordered one, you’re out of luck as it’s currently sold out in select stores. In case it gets restocked though, here’s what’s inside:

    • Base Game + Steelbook
    • Extra DLC Pack Product Code
    • Digital Soundtrack
    • Figure: Leon S. Kennedy
    • Artbook
    • Special Map
    • Collector’s Box
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    Along with these, the Collector’s Edition pre-order also comes with the following in-game items:

    • Attaché Case: ‘Gold’
    • Attaché Case: ‘Classic’
    • Charm: ‘Handgun Ammo’
    • Charm: ‘Green Herb’

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    For the Resident Evil 4 Remake Standard Edition though, that version of the game is still available for pre-order on PS5, PS4, and Xbox Series X|S in the Philippines. Each Standard Edition copy of the game comes with the Attaché Case: ‘Gold’ and Charm: ‘Handgun Ammo’ items when the game is released.

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    In case you missed it, the Resident Evil 4 Remake was announced back in June 2022, and it remakes the iconic RE4 much like what Capcom did with RE2 and RE3. This game retains the original’s third-person shooter gameplay, but also promises a wide range of enhancements, including upgraded visuals and a character designs.

    The Resident Evil 4 Remake is coming to PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, and PC on March 4, 2023.

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    Nicolo Manaloto
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