Check out these Hilarious Hogwarts Legacy mods that add magic to the experience

Here are some Hogwarts Legacy mods that are sure to turn your year in the wizarding school from magical to bizarre.

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Hogwarts Legacy is undeniably one of the most popular games that got released this month, racking up the attention of the people who know about the wizard game as it finally sated the magical fantasy they’ve been longing for since the movies and books. But as expected, the fun never stops with just simply spamming Avada Kedavra around Hogwarts, as the Modding community has been working their magic in this wizarding game. 

Just a few weeks since its release, Hogwarts Legacy has gotten tons of new mods that add new features to improve the quality of life in the game. But the best mods are the ones that add more fun, which in my opinion, more magical than any other spell. So here are a few funny mods for Hogwarts Legacy that you might want to check out.

Shrek Broom

Hogwarts Legacy Mods

If you love flying and have a devotion to Shrek, then you’ll be delighted to know that the big green ogre can finally accompany you on your magical journey. This mod by NorskPL replaces the Aeromancer Broom with a Shrek Model, thus fulfilling your fantasy of Shrek taking you to his swamp, or at least him flying and taking you away. 

Thomas the Broom Engine

Hogwarts Legacy Mods

At this point, I believe that adding Thomas the Tank Engine to every game is a must. So it’s no surprise that the friendly train makes his way to Hogwarts too. Just like the Shrek Broom mod, this mod by Showie converts a specific broomstick into the blue train and perfectly puts you in the driver’s carriage. It has small issues like clipping with the model, but a flying train beats a flying car, right? Now it would have been perfect if the mod had a sound added to it.

Magic Gun

Long ago, there was an idea. That’s what if instead of wands, wizards in Harry Potter used guns which was perfectly presented in a viral video. Now, this mod by ATOMdotEXE does exactly what that viral video did, replacing wands with Glocks. The Magic Gun mod replaces and is applicable for all customizable wands. Once installed, you’re now ready to literally shots spell out of your magical device. 

Moving Pictures mod

Ok, now this mod is actually two separate mods, but they are very similar, unlike the aforementioned broom mods that only work on specific brooms. So I just decided to list them in the same category.

The first Moving picture mod is from IchibanAnimations who replaces most of the paintings in the musical corridor with Ricardo Milos from his viral dance video.

The other one is by xBloogtigerx which replaces over 143 moving frames with Hololive Vtubers, which seems to include a newspaper regarding a certain goblin, or should I say a gremlin. Anyway, both mods are just aesthetics and do not change the sound of the music corridor. There are also the same mods for Nicolas Cage moving frames and other agency Vtubers, so the list could go on.

A Toasty Mod


Now, here is a rather premium mod showcased by Toasted Shoes who brings a mashup of characters to the game like Magic Mickey, Professor Oak, Wallace, and Toothless. There are more characters inserted in the game, but listing them all will make this final entry longer than it should be, but it’s just fair to say based on his video the modded characters look beautifully rendered in the game. To download the Hogwarts Legacy Mod you’ll have to visit his Patreon page.

Hogwarts Legacy is out now on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.