Hogwarts Legacy: How to Open the Puzzle Doors

Despite being in the magical wizarding world, the puzzle doors in Hogwarts Legacy can only be solved through the power of math. 

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Hogwarts Legacy has a number of puzzle doors scattered throughout the open world. The design has two triangles with a number in the middle of each one. There are multiple symbols of creatures surrounding the doors as well. At first glance, this can be confusing but once you figure out how to solve it, you will be surprised at how simple it all is.

Despite being in the magical wizarding world equipped with spells that grant you abilities beyond comprehension, there is one thing that can stop you: math. Yup, you heard that right. The puzzle doors in Hogwarts Legacy can only be solved through the power of math. 

How to solve the Hogwarts Legacy puzzle doors

There is a code sheet that you can find that will explain what’s up with all the creature symbols surrounding the door. Understanding what the creature symbols mean is the key to unlocking Hogwarts Legacy’s door puzzles. 

To be honest, you don’t really need to find this in-game. Once you know what the symbols mean, you can take it from there without ever having the cipher but it’s just nice to have and we’re going to show you where to find it. 

  1. In the Hogwarts map, select the Divination Classroom Foo Flame. This can be found within the Library Annex.
  2. Once there, turn around and walk down a wooden path until you see a path to the right.

  3. Turn right and continue down the path until you see a puzzle door with a chalkboard beside it.
  4. Beside the chalkboard, there is a blue chest. Open it and you’ll have the cipher page.

The cipher visualizes that each creature symbol has a corresponding number to them. It appears that the number is determined by a particular body part of each creature. A unicorn’s horn is 1, Hydra’s heads are 3, Spider’s legs are 8, and so on. It’s important to note that while there are 10 symbols, the counting starts from 0 all the way to just 9. 

All you need to know is that from right to left, you just count 0-9. The placement of the creature symbols at the edge of the puzzle doors does not change. 

Now that you’re aware of this, it’s time to open up the locked puzzle doors around in Hogwarts Legacy. 

Once you interact with a door, it’ll reveal two triangles patterns that provide an equation. The number in the middle of a triangle is the sum of all three outer numbers surrounding it. Sometimes you’ll get an actual number, sometimes it’ll be represented by a creature symbol. 

Let’s use this door as an example:

The first triangle has a 9 with the outer symbols being 2, a Hydra, and one question mark. That means:

2 + Hydra (3) + ? = 9

That means you’ll need 4, which is the owl-like symbol, to complete the equation. Turn the “?” block to that.

Next is the bottom triangle which has a 4 with the outer symbols being 0, 1, and two question marks:

0 + 1 + ?? = 4

That means you’ll need 3 to complete the equation which is the Hydra symbol. Turn the “??” block to that and you’re ready to unlock the door. 

And that’s it! Knowing that the counting of the creature symbols starts with 0 instead of 1 is quite literally the key to solving these door puzzles in Hogwarts Legacy. Inside are mostly extra loot that offers certain stat buffs that can be useful early in the campaign. 

Go ahead and math your way through the magical world of Hogwarts Legacy!