HONOR X9a 5G: A Smartphone that’s Tough to Beat (Literally)

A few weeks ago, HONOR launched the X9a 5G, the brand’s first smartphone of 2023, and here's why it might just be the next phone for you.

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A few weeks ago, HONOR launched the X9a 5G, the brand’s first smartphone of 2023. This new phone features an eye-catching design, capable cameras, and a mid-range processor that has enough power to run today’s popular games without breaking a sweat.

Though perhaps its defining feature is its toughness. Specifically, the phone packs an OLED screen that can withstand bumps and drops; that’s something that can’t exactly be said for other mid-range phones. This impressive toughness was proven in our drop test, as well as in drop tests by other members of the PH tech press.

So, if you’re in the market for a new smartphone upgrade, the HONOR X9a 5G might just be the device for you. Though in case you need more convincing, here are the reasons why the X9a 5G is good enough to be your next smartphone.

An Impressively Tough Display

As we just mentioned, the phone’s display is seriously tough. While you might have to be very careful with other phones, you don’t have to think about handling the X9a 5G too much as it can definitely survive getting dropped display-side down. Though in case you need more protection, the phone comes with a free clear case inside the box.

While its toughness is the highlight, the X9a 5G’s screen is no slouch either when it comes to quality. This is because the phone has a 6.67-inch OLED display, meaning you get vibrant colors and deep blacks – perfect for your binge-watching needs. Plus, the phone has a fast 120Hz refresh rate, meaning you get a buttery smooth experience in everyday use.

Eye-Catching Design

To complement its nice display, HONOR designed the X9a 5G too look premium, enough that it can be mistaken for a flagship phone at first glance. This is thanks in part to the reflective yet matte finish of the back, as well as the flagship-style circular camera module.

What also makes it eye-catching when it comes to design is the fact that it has curved edges. Before, curved-edged phones were limited to only the flagship segment. But with the X9a 5G, even those on a tighter budget can enjoy a phone with a premium look and feel.

Versatile Cameras

Speaking of its cameras, the phone features a 64MP f/1.8 main + 5MP f/2.2 ultrawide + 2MP f/2.4 macro triple rear camera setup, making it a versatile shooter. In our review, we found that the main camera is able to capture quality photos in the daytime, as well as at night thanks to its night mode. The ultrawide and macro cameras are also welcome for more creative daytime photos.

Meanwhile, the phone’s 16MP f/2.5 wide front camera is also a capable snapper as you can get social media-ready selfies with ease using the X9a 5G.

Great for Today’s Popular Games

The new HONOR phone is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 695 5G Processor. While it may not be the newest processor at this point, it is still a capable device for your gaming needs.

For instance, today’s popular games such as Wild Rift, Call of Duty Mobile, and others can run without any issues on the phone. Plus, it can even run more demanding games such as Genshin Impact smoothly if you tune the settings right.

As a bonus, the processor is 5G-ready, meaning you can take advantage of 5G mobile data connections for gaming as this not only gives you faster speeds but also features lower latency – important for multiplayer games.

Long-Lasting, Even on a Single Charge

If you need a device that can handle longer gaming sessions, the HONOR X9a 5G packs a 5100mAh battery, meaning the phone can last for hours on end on a single charge. This means you can opt to leave your heavy power bank at home if you’re going out and about with the phone.

If you do need to charge, the phone supports 40W fast charging, meaning you won’t have to wait for long before it reaches full charge. You can even top up for a couple of minutes and get hours of use.

HONOR X9a 5G: Price and Availability in the Philippines

Convinced? If you are, the HONOR X9a 5G is available in the Philippines for PHP 16,990 at HONOR Kiosk and Partner Stores, as well as through the following stores: