MSI unveils latest line of RTX 40 series-powered laptops

At its MSIology: The Leap to Singularity event, MSI unveiled its new line of gaming and creator laptops that are powered by RTX 40 GPUs.

MSI Laptop 20th Anniversary Promotion

At its MSIology: The Leap to Singularity event, MSI unveiled its new line of gaming and creator laptops that are powered by RTX 40-series GPUs as well as up to the latest Intel Core 13th Gen HX series processors.

Specifically, the new laptops are part of MSI’s various gaming and content creator lineups, giving users a lot of options for their next laptop upgrade.

Stealth Series

First up, we have the Stealth 16 Studio and Stealth 14 Studio. These two laptops are designed for on-the-go gaming, and they come with the latest NVIDIA GPUs and Intel CPUs. The Stealth 16 Studio specifically has a aluminum-magnesium alloy body while only being 2kg light. Meanwhile, the Stealth 14 Studio features the MSI Vapor Chamber thermal design, promising impressive gaming performance for a 14-inch laptop.

Titan GT series/ Raider GE series

Next, we have MSI’s signature Titan GT and Raider GE laptop lineup. Headlining these new laptops is the Titan GT77 HX which is powered by an i9-13980HX processor and up to a GeForce RTX 4090 Laptop GPU, making it MSI’s new gaming laptop to beat when it comes to pure performance. If that’s not enough, the laptop also comes with the world’s first 4K/144Hz MiniLED display

Meanwhile, the new Raider GE series also packs a brand-new chassis with an upgraded matrix light bar. All of these while the Raider GE laptops pack the newest NVIDIA GPUs and Intel processors.

Cyborg: A New Gaming Laptop Series

The reveal of the MSI RTX 40 series laptops also come with the announcement of the brand’s newest gaming notebook model — the Cyborg 15. This laptop not only packs the latest GPU and CPU, but it also features an eye-catching glass-fibre translucent chassis design, giving it a futuristic look.

Creator Z Series

For content creators, there’s the new Creator Z series headlined by the Creator Z17 HX Studio which comes with a Vapor Chamber Cooler thermal design that allows the power of 13th gen Intel HX series processors and NVIDIA RTX 40 series GPUs to be properly utilized.

The laptop also features support for the MSI Pen 2 which uses the latest MPP2.6 Technology for faster connection. It also promises to feel like writing/drawing on paper when in use.

Prestige Series

Finally, MSI unveiled new Prestige series laptops. These include the Prestige 13 Evo which is only 1kg light while still packing a 75Whrs battery. There’s also the Prestige 16 Studio which is powered by GeForce RTX 40 Series Laptop GPUs that are NVIDIA Studio validated for great productivity/content creation performance.

Price and availability of these new laptops will be announced soon.