Netflix Password Sharing in the Philippines: What You Need to Know

Netflix has new password sharing rules in select countries, but is the Philippines included in the list? Here's what you need to know.

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Netflix has new password sharing rules in select countries, but is the Philippines included in the list? Here’s what you need to know.

Recently, you may have heard or read about Netflix’s new rules regarding password sharing. Previously, a Netflix Premium plan can be used by up to four users, even if they are staying in different households. Though in some countries beginning last week, a Netflix subscription will now require users to indicate a primary location, and a fee is required for users to get access from another location.

Many Netflix users were worried that this is now the rule worldwide. And while reports suggest that Netflix will roll out the paid password sharing globally, it is currently only avaialble in some countries.

Is Netflix Password Sharing Free in the Philippines?

Currently, Netflix users in the Philippines can still share their passwords with another user in a different location. As of now, the new password-sharing rules have not yet been implemented in the Philippines, meaning users who have access to an account can watch on Netflix from anywhere with no need to pay any extra fees for not watching in a “primary location.”

Of course, to share a passwords, a Premium plan is still required. This plan allows up to four concurrent users to watch movies/shows on Netflix.

How Netflix’s Password Sharing Works

Right now, the new password sharing rules is available in select countries around the world. First, the new rules were implemented in Latin America. A few days ago, Netflix rolled out the new rules in Canada, New Zealand, Portugal, and Spain (via Engadget).

Before being rolled out in four new countries, many believed that a global rollout is happening this month based on the Netflix US website adding new provisions for password sharing. Though Netflix stated that the rules are not yet going to be implemented globally as they will initially roll out in select countries.

So, how do the new rules work? Each subscription must input a primary location. For users living in another household, a fee must be paid in order for two users to access the plan outside of the primary location (8 Dollars in Canada and New Zealand).

Will Netflix’s new Password Sharing Rules be Implemented in the Philippines?

As of now, there’s no word yet on when the new password sharing rules in the Philippines will be implemented. This article will be updated if and when Netflix PH makes an announcement.

If Netflix does indeed roll out these new rules in the Philippines and globally, it will be interesting to see if other subscription services follow suit.